April Color Challenge

Happy Easter for those that celebrate!  In my household we enjoy today as a family celebration, and an excuse to eat a lot of ham and chocolate, although not at the same time. The color for April is orange!  I always think that orange isn't one of my favorite colors, but I do use it … Continue reading April Color Challenge

March Color Challenge – Yellow

Welcome back to the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge!  Today is the day we show off our creations for the March.  I hope my fellow bloggers will forgive me for being a little bit late.  Time management is hard! When looking at my original circle sketches, I decided this month will be perfect for playing with … Continue reading March Color Challenge – Yellow

Easy Monogrammed Pillow

Jeremy's Grandpop celebrated his 90th birthday this week.  We struggle at all holidays for gifts for Grandpop.  A man who has lived 90 years already has everything he wants, and in most cases, he has several of them.  Lucky for us, I'm an "artist".  I can make stuff, and he likes it, even if it … Continue reading Easy Monogrammed Pillow

February Color Challenge

This month I am dipping into my blue stash to play with my friends in the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge.  My blue stash is way better than my red stash. Check out my fellow bloggers this month and see what they are up to. Jen of Patterns by Jen Sherry of Powered By Quilting Jen of A … Continue reading February Color Challenge

T-Shirt Quilts: Prepare the Shirts

Are you ready to follow along as I turn a pile of t-shirts into a snuggly quilt? https://youtu.be/Vt4wrZrTyi8 I suggest washing your t-shirts before starting.  This client washed them before bringing them to me - that was very much appreciated.  These shirts were brand new, so the wash eliminated a lot of that new t-shirt … Continue reading T-Shirt Quilts: Prepare the Shirts

T-Shirt Quilts: Generating an Estimate

I have made two t-shirt quilts in my life.  I blogged about them, considered putting up a page on my site advertising them as a service, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  Figuring out a pricing structure held me up. Last week a new client reached out to me, asking if I could … Continue reading T-Shirt Quilts: Generating an Estimate