Washi Tape Quilting

I like to collect washi tape.  I use it, too, although not with scrap booking or journaling.  Occasionally a piece makes it into my planner, but I don't usually bother with that.  No, I collect it, and sometimes go through my collection and pet it.  It's so cute.  Once in a blue moon my son … Continue reading Washi Tape Quilting

Long Time Gone – Week 1

I am joining Angie, from GnomeAngel in yet another stitch along.  Because two at a time isn't enough.  (The others are 52 Weeks with the Quilter's Planner and the Garden Snails Slow Along.) This time we are making Long Time Gone, by Jen Kingwell.  Jen's samplers are very vibrant and busy, and they haven't really appealed … Continue reading Long Time Gone – Week 1

Denim Jean Repair

I did a little bit of utility sewing today.  It is not my favorite thing, and I put it off for as long as possible.  I still have a few more little things in my pile, but I'm definitely not in a hurry to work through the whole pile today. Forgive me for sharing too much … Continue reading Denim Jean Repair

Bobbin Storage

I cannot be the only quilter with a box full of half used, tangled bobbins.  Some days I feel like they are the bane of my existence.  There is never an empty one when I need it, and they are never all the way full.  Life is hard.  (I don't have a photo, because I … Continue reading Bobbin Storage

That’s No Moon…

I recently made a 3-d hexagon appliqué quilt, using Geta Grama's fantastic "My Secret Flower Garden" pattern.  My husband, the lifelong Star Wars fan, constantly referred to it as a Death Star.  It really annoyed me.  Clearly, there are no hexagons on the Death Star, and the Death Star is not blue.  I decided to … Continue reading That’s No Moon…

Wreath and Tree Pillows

Thursday is my day to wash the floors.  So, like a good little quilter, I went into my studio to make seasonal pillow covers for my sofa pillows.  This year we have decked the heck out of the halls.  I don't know what has come over us, but there are Christmas decorations all over the place. … Continue reading Wreath and Tree Pillows

Moravian Star

I've seen this project around on my various Facebook groups for a while, and decided to give it a try.  I found it to be a bit fussy, but very cool.  The only tutorial I could find online was from Penny Rugs and More.  She used wool, and also a layer of batting in her … Continue reading Moravian Star