Turning a Vintage Top into a Quilt

Recently at a guild meeting, a visitor stood up and asked for help getting an antique top quilted.  She has been the owner of a family piece - a beautiful Ocean Waves top in blue and white that has been passed down for at least 100 years.  It had been sitting in her closet for … Continue reading Turning a Vintage Top into a Quilt

Quilting at Gotham Quilts

I'm so excited to share the next step in my quilting journey with you.  Starting next week, I will be longarm quilting with Gotham Quilts, in New York City.  Their new street level store front is located at 40 W 37th Street in Manhattan. To begin, I will be at their Grand Opening on Sunday, … Continue reading Quilting at Gotham Quilts

Veterans Day Stitching

Today is bright and blustery in New Jersey, and temperatures have been falling a surprising amount.  I need no further excuse to stay inside and sew all day.  Rather than selfish sewing today, I am piecing some blocks to honor our veterans.  They will be put together into a Quilt of Valor for my local … Continue reading Veterans Day Stitching

Quilts of Valor – October

Busy, busy - I did three pieces for Quilts of Valor this month.  I'm really enjoying working with my local group. This one was a rare piece where I was able to come up with a quilting design that went from edge to edge with no thread breaks.  The longarm gods smiled down upon me, … Continue reading Quilts of Valor – October

Client Quilting – October

I was surprised when I went through my photos and saw how many quilts I have finished this month.  It is so much fun to get to work with all of these different quilters. This is Glam Clam, quilted for Gotham Quilts.  Andrea pieced it using an acrylic template.  I may have picked them up … Continue reading Client Quilting – October

Pillow Palooza

I had a nearly uninterrupted day in the studio today.  Yahoo!  I finished everything on my quilty goal list for the day and more. First, I finished the last few rows of this client quilt.  She is adding her appliqué after the quilting.  I'm very curious to find out how that process works.  I did … Continue reading Pillow Palooza

Pumpkin Season!

I don't have access to a baby for cutie photos in the pumpkin patch, so you will have to be satisfied with dogs. I spent Saturday working on a project that I am submitting to a magazine for possible publication.  I'm thrilled to be exploring a new avenue of quilt design, but I'm really frustrated … Continue reading Pumpkin Season!