Sewing a Village – Week 1

I joined some of my friends at the Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild to start another sew-along.  Eileen is a master at luring people into her projects.  She wields FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) like a Jedi Master.

You can find information about the sew along, hosted by Stitch Supply Co. on their website.  The event is taking place on Instagram.  The Village is a charm pack friendly quilt, which makes it fun for me – I have so many scraps.  Maybe this will use up my hoard.

My pattern arrived a couple of weeks ago.  I did a few test blocks and loved them.  We are doing 8 houses each week until we have 132, so buckle up, because you are going to be seeing lots of tiny houses.

img_5756.jpgI started with a charm pack that has been lingering around my cutting table.  I’ve been using pieces here and there to test ideas.  It turned into two little houses that look like beach cabanas.  I’ve lost the label, but I’m fairly certain it is Moda, and not too old.  The mouse is Lizzy House.

img_5758.jpgKaren Lewis Textiles sells scrap packs of her hand printed fabrics sometimes.  I managed to score one last year, and a few little houses grew out of those.  This is a big step for me, because it is the first time I have used any of my little hand printed stash.

img_5757.jpgThe last two are scraps from the Skyline quilt I’m putting together for Gotham Quilts*.  I love it when the scraps don’t even hit the bin, and these fabrics are just so gorgeous with their saturated colors.

[This blog uses affiliate links, noted with an *.  If you make a purchase using my link, I will earn a small commission.  Your purchase price will not be affected.  Thank you!]

I like fussy cutting the doorways, but I don’t know that I’m going to make time for that in every little house.

My background is just low volumes I have laying around.  It will probably be a lot of the same ones I used in Long Time in Blue.

img_5735.jpgIf you want to see more villages coming together, check out #sewingavillage on Instagram.  Don’t you have some charm packs laying around that would be just perfect for this project?

10 thoughts on “Sewing a Village – Week 1

  1. I do, but I’m resisting! Some of them are Christmas, and I have two Christmas projects going (which is why these are there!) so I don’t want to start another one when I shouldn’t start anything at all. LOL Yours, though, are adorable! I especially love the beach cabins with their stripey roofs. They remind me of those tents people used to have on beaches for changing – maybe 100 years ago. No, I don’t remember them *personally*! LOL Just old movies and photographs of them.

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  2. I finally have my pattern and fabrics lined up and plan to join in this week. I’m glad it’s easy to follow a hashtag on Instagram because this is a fun one. Your houses are great!

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