Another Dog in a Sweater

I decided to make a pillow to continue my experiment mixing non-traditional fabrics in my piecing.  This time I used quilter's cottons, minky, faux fur, and leather.  This is a Dog in a Sweater from Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Franson. Leather is by far the most difficult to piece with.  I can't pin it perpendicular … Continue reading Another Dog in a Sweater

Sew Together Bag

Well, I've finally gone and done it.  My modern quilt guild (Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild) had a sew-in day on Saturday, and our very own fabulous Eileen taught us how to make a Sew Together Bag from Kelsey Sews.  I've wanted to make one for a while, but there are 4 zippers.  If you … Continue reading Sew Together Bag

Spirograph Quilting!

A few weeks back my Mom let me know her duvet was falling apart, and she would like me to fix it.  I'll do anything for my mom.  So, she ordered fabric for the front and back, and sent the whole shebang down to me for quilting.  She requested I use my Gammill Design Center … Continue reading Spirograph Quilting!

Washi Tape Quilting

I like to collect washi tape.  I use it, too, although not with scrap booking or journaling.  Occasionally a piece makes it into my planner, but I don't usually bother with that.  No, I collect it, and sometimes go through my collection and pet it.  It's so cute.  Once in a blue moon my son … Continue reading Washi Tape Quilting

Long Time in Blue

I have finally finished my Long Time Gone quilt.  (Pattern by Jen Kingwell.)  I do so enjoy the sew alongs with Gnome Angel, but now that I'm getting busier with client work it is more of a challenge to keep up. This pattern was quite a test, but my skills have been steadily improving over … Continue reading Long Time in Blue

Boris Bear

Meet Boris, Bjorn Bear's cousin from a colder climate.  He's wearing fur, because a silly rainbow bear would freeze his tail off.  This is the Bjorn Bear pattern from Elizabeth Hartman, one of my favorite designers.  You do have to buy a printed pattern for this one - it isn't a quick download from her … Continue reading Boris Bear

Client Quilts – June, July

I have been happily taking in client tops for quilting these last few months.  I am really enjoying the challenge of enhancing the piecer's vision. There has been a big difference in how I feel about quilting since I took my class last month.  I feel a lot more confident in my design abilities, and … Continue reading Client Quilts – June, July