What does “Toasty Teal” say to you?

Rachel at Stitched in Color is hosting a mosaic contest.  Using the prompt “Toasty Teal” you need to create a mosaic using fabrics from Bobbie Lou’s Fabric Factory.  The winner wins the fabrics from the mosaic they create!

To me Toasty Teal brings to mind a swirl of watery blue, with pops of hot colors scattered around.

Here is my first selection.  I love that there are so many different prints with arrows.   I had a mild fascination with arrows as a child, through a combination of love of the Robin Hood story and a fantasy that I was descended from Native Americans.  (I am not, despite a family legend.  Thanks, 23andMe for ruining that for me.)

I’m allowed to make two submissions, so here is another.  This one is more watery.  I think I like it a bit better.  This is a fun palette to play with.

That was fun.  Thanks, Janice for sharing the contest!  Now I have to get back to work.  Although I do believe I’ve found the perfect backing for my Athena quilt.   The sea creatures on the upper left fabric will do nicely.

Be sure to click through to the link party at Stitched in Color, and vote for your favorite mosaic!


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