Project Pillowcase

One of the projects my traditional quilt guild works on all year long is Project Pillowcase.  We make pillow cases for the local children’s hospital.  I haven’t participated so far this year, other than donating some fabric for the cause.  My collection of novelty prints was well received.

img_4999.jpgEvery week Pat is busy during our Wednesday meetings.  She sorts fabrics, prepares kits, and sews pillow cases together.  I’ve sneaked peeks at what she is doing a few times, but I didn’t really understand, and didn’t want to just stare at her.  (My staring seems to make people uncomfortable).  I even read the pattern once, but I totally didn’t get it.  I don’t know why I was so confused – it was probably just the french seams.  I’ve done them before, but I can never understand the instructions.  I have to do them while reading before it “clicks”.

Last week Pat was showing a lady sitting next to me how to make one.  I was intrigued.  She uses this Roll It Up pattern from All People Quilt.  It takes just two pieces of fabric, and cleverly hides all of the seams in the band.

I finished a client quilt tonight, and it was only 5 PM, so I still had some time to do a little something, but I didn’t want to start another big project.  I like to do little quick projects in between larger endeavors.  I call them “palette cleansers.”  Pillow cases definitely did the trick tonight.

The children’s hospital requested seasonal pillowcases, but not necessarily religious.  they will be using them to wrap up holiday gifts.  Isn’t that wonderful?  I hope peppermint candies make some kids happy.  I never liked eating them, although I do love the way they sparkle.  I can be relied on to put one in my mouth every year, then spit it out once I remember how much I dislike the flavor.  How could something so pretty be so yucky?

IMG_5001.jpgIt is always so nice to add another item to the list of things I can make easily.  I’m still not ready to make clothing, but pillow cases are nice and flat.  I think these could make great Christmas gifts, too.  They take about 1/2 an hour, and would be a great way to do some stash clear out.  I hope my family isn’t too underwhelmed by receiving a bunch of pillow cases this year!


3 thoughts on “Project Pillowcase

  1. I love that particular pillow case pattern! I also don’t do clothes but these are just my speed. They look great with the peppermint candies! I’m with you on thinking those look prettier than they taste…

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