Sew Peachy

I recently won a free Laser Cut Quilts kit from Quilter’s Candy Box.  I love entering giveaways on Instagram.  I do try to only enter the ones for things I would enjoy, but lucky for me, I’m a fabric junkie, so I like almost all of it.

This kit is called Sew Peachy, and was designed by Madi Hastings.  It caught my eye, because Jeremy’s Grandpop loves peaches.  He starts getting worked up in the spring that peach season is coming, and tells me about his neighbor who had two epic peach trees in her yard.  I planted a tree in my yard this spring.  I’m hoping this summer or next he will get to pick peaches again.

IMG_3550I didn’t take progress photos on this one.  It came together so quickly, I didn’t really even stop to think about it.  The kit included all of the fabric, precut and already attached to fusible webbing.  It was very simple.  I pieced the 9 patch background, then placed it on top of the layout diagram.  I layered on the pieces in order, pressing each in place with my iron.

I skipped appliquéing around each piece, instead layering the top, batting, and backing, and skipping to quilting.  I set my Bernina to a zig zag stitch, and used my free motion foot and went around each individual peach part.  Next I did free motion quilting in the background.  It finished out at 9″ square, so there wasn’t a whole lot of quilting to do.

Binding was included in the kit, so I was finished with the whole project in just an hour or two.  I attached it by machine, using my new favorite technique of glue basting to the back.

IMG_3552Grandpop is now the proud, if slightly confused, owner of a peach mug rug.  The idea of a mug rug is not widespread outside of the quilting community.  He was a little horrified at the idea of putting his teacup on the quilt.

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