52 Weeks with The Quilter’s Planner – 6

Whoops!  I guess I missed a few updates.  I am current on my weekly challenge, so I have 6 completed blocks thus far.

I’m using Alison Glass fabrics, and the patterns are from my Quilter’s Planner.  They are all different techniques, and sometimes I forget to reset my seam allowance to make it a scant 1/4″.  It will be fun getting them all set nicely into the top without cutting off my points.

The challenge is being hosted by Angie, at Gnome Angel.

Week 3 – Sand Dollar Star, by Cassandra Beaver

I found this one to be a bit intimidating, with the combo of paper piecing and curved seams.  It came out quite nicely, though.  It definitely stretched my out of my comfort zone.

When I was a child, my family vacationed in Florida a few times.  My father was a huge fan of these painted sand dollar pieces.  I remember one in particular that had birds of paradise flowers painted on it.  This pattern reminded me of those special times with my father, although my sand dollar isn’t quite as gaudy as he would have preferred.


Week 4 – Pacific Sunset, by Andrea Bertone

My seams were set incorrectly on this one, so the block is narrower  than it should be.  I could unpick it and reassemble it correctly, but I really don’t want to do that right now.  Maybe later, but probably never.


Week 5 – Chronograph, by Cheryl Brickey 

My seam allowance was correct on this one, and wow, what a difference accuracy makes. This came together so easily.  Definitely take the time to lay the pieces out while assembling a block as complex as this one.  I use my largest ruler as a tray I can carry back and forth from the sewing machine to the ironing board.  That way I mostly prevent getting pieces in backwards and making myself crazy.

Can I say I love the way the darker Alison Glass blue fabric looks like machine parts?  It totally goes with the “Chronograph” block name.


Week 6 – Eastern Shore, by Wanda Dotson

I wasn’t too excited about this pattern this week.  I’m not sure why, and my original assessment was unfair.  This is a great block – it comes together easily, although slowly.  The fabrics took over color placement on this one, and I have to say, they knew what they were up to.


And here we are, all together.  I love the color saturation levels of most of the blocks.  I’m not sure about the ones with the white backgrounds, though.  They just look a little blah to me now.


The blocks from week 1 and 5 generated some leftover pieces.  I used them to make some extra blocks.

img_2631I will be using these extras on the back – I love it when I see pieced backing that compliments the front of the quilt.  I never do it, because by the time I’m ready for the backing I’m so eager to see the finished top I can’t even imagine making more blocks.

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4 thoughts on “52 Weeks with The Quilter’s Planner – 6

  1. I love your blocks with AG fabrics! I, too, am making the blocks weekly but I’m just choosing fabrics from my scraps/stash as I go and I am finishing some of them off as minis to abandon.


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