Muggamo for February

My friend Jen at Patterns by Jen is offering a series of free patterns for mug rugs.  She is calling her series Muggamo (for Mug Rug A Month).  They are very cute.

I decided to make the February version.  I used some of my “Hey Dot” layer cake. It has some nice colors for Valentines day.  This will probably be my only Valentines day project.

img_2588Jen’s pattern is easy to follow and well written.  I decided to use just one background color, rather than the three she used.  All told, this took under an hour.  It does feel particularly nice to finish something off, even if it is a small project.

The binding was already prepared and waiting in my scrap bin.  It was leftover from a project I did maybe 12 years ago.  It isn’t perfect, but it was quick!  I think I have enough for another one.

img_2589For backing I used a piece of floral fabric from my Noni.  She worked in a bedding factory in New Haven, CT, and had quite a stash squirreled away under her stairs.  When she passed I was given the hoard of dry rotted polyesters and cottons.  Many were beyond salvation.  All were appallingly ugly florals from the 70’s.  I didn’t even realize this was still in my stash.  It is very thin, but should do just fine for the back of a mug rug.

Check out Jen’s Muggamo series.  It is so nice to have a quick little project finished.

One thought on “Muggamo for February

  1. Super cute! I just may work on mine tonight if I have time. I’ll at least pick out my fabrics. I love the little projects that are a quick finish. Such satisfaction. They give me a chance to practice my quilting too. 🙂


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