La Passion, Again

My fascination with this project has fired back up.  I have been working on this piece for more than three years now.  I started in September of 2013.  I go between periods of frantic stitching and periods of looking at it and feeling guilty that I haven’t done anything.  Well, now I’m frantic.  I’ve set a goal for myself to add at least 20 hexies per day, and I have done that for the past few weeks.  It does take away from my machine sewing, so I have fewer completed projects to share.

img_2097This is by far the most ambitious project I have ever undertaken.  If I can keep up my level of enthusiasm, I might be able to finish the top in 2017.

The original La Passion, along with the pattern and instructions, can be found on Grit’s blog.  Grit designed the quilt herself, and shared the pattern for free.  The website is in German, but Grit has added English translations as well.  You don’t really need more than the pattern, though.  EPP instructions are readily available all over the internet.

img_2098I’ve actually made it to the edge of the pattern in one spot.  This is the top edge of the quilt!  I was trying to do just one color at a time, finishing each round, but I just couldn’t contain myself any longer.  I needed to see how the colors would work together.  I love them.  Here’s hoping the upcoming holiday madness doesn’t derail my progress.

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