#100Days100Blocks – Part IV

img_2052I have now completed the first 80 blocks of my Tula Pink City Sampler quilt.  I am absolutely stunned that I have gotten this far right on schedule.  This is a testament to my absolute insanity.  Again, thank you to Angie at Gnome Angel for setting up such a great project.

I have to start getting serious on deciding on a layout.  I was thinking of leaving it this way, with rows of colors, but now I’m not so sure.  I’m starting to think that groups organized around the color wheel will allow me to blend my colors in a more pleasing fashion.  Some of the groups are difficult to fill in.  The yellows always seem a little dark, and I’m drowning in greens, but very low on real reds.  Not restricting myself to rows will make color distribution easier, without setting a limit on how many of each.

I’ve tried to stage the block photos as I go along, but some days I just have zero inspiration.  I really admire the quilters I follow on Instagram who consistently put so much effort into staging their photos.  It is harder than it seems.

The next post in this series will have all of my blocks completed, and possibly some of my sashings attached.  I’m still trying to get myself to the quilt shop to look at background fabrics in person.  I love buying online, but sometimes there is a bit of surprise when I open the package.  At least all of the block photography I have been doing helps to understand why fabrics look so different in person, compared to on my laptop.  Taking good pictures is hard!

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