Snowflake Shimmer – Finished!

img_2004Three days of burying thread tails and it is now time for the washing machine.  I will reconsider echo quilting with my walking foot next time – I opted to break stitching lines here and there to minimize turning the quilt, and ended up with billions of thread tails to knot off and bury.  It was all worth it, though.

img_2003Thanks, Oscar for your continued enthusiastic support.

img_2005This is the most elaborately quilted piece I have ever done.  I spent more time drawing quilting lines on it than I spent piecing the top.  (The slight orange around the quilting marks will wash right out.)  The grey background has lines of echo quilting about 1/2″ apart, the aqua squares have swirling squares, and the turquoise stars have a free form pattern that makes me think of sunshine.

img_2007Thank you to Quilting JetGirl for running such a fun quilt along.  This quilt has stretched my comfort zone, and my sofa has never looked better.

I also finished off another denim whale today.  He had been cut out and mostly pieced back in the spring, then set aside during my move.  Oscar is pleased to have a new whale, because the first one is down to one fin.

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