Pablo’s Hooters

There I was, innocently working away on my Stash Builder Box charity blocks for the month.  Art Gallery Fabric’s Nightfall collection is awesome – I really like the four pieces I received.  I decided to stretch the rules a bit, and use a grey print that reads mostly solid.  Solids are not really my thing, and I just wasn’t loving white, which is what I have the most of.

Aren’t they pretty?  The first image is my October Mega Box.  The second is my Ambassador in Waiting challenge pack.  I’ll be signing up for the regular subscription shortly – I’m hooked.

IMG_1979.jpgWe are working on the Wonky Love block by Kelly at KelbySews.  These are my first four blocks – whoops.  I forgot which one went where.  I guess I will be making more.

Then it happened.  I take a peek at Facebook, and bam!  My girlfriend has written a lovely post about the screech owl in her backyard this morning.  This is a friend I dearly love, despite not having spent much time with her.  Luckily, I live in the age of Facebook and Messenger.  Life is good.

Anyway.  Screech owls.  Seriously?  Look at this fabric I was playing with!  And the blocks!

IMG_1976.jpgWell, three hours later I have this.  The lighting isn’t great, but I had to get this in the mail immediately and spread some love.

img_1977I did some experimenting with different free motion patterns to mash the background down and make the lettering pop. This went together so quickly – I’m starting to realize why everyone is so in love with making minis and mug rugs.

img_1978Here is a pic of the adorable backing fabric.  I don’t have a lot of owl prints, but the ones I do have are amazing.  This was acquired at Britex Fabric during a trip to London.  And my husband says I will never use all of my fabric.  Ha!  I’ve only had this one for three years!

So, the name, Pablo’s Hooters, came to me while piecing the “o” block.  The way the owls are all chopped up reminded me of Picasso.  While I take my quilting seriously, I do not take myself seriously.  I like to be silly and I use innuendo all of the time.  The fact that it drives my kids crazy only adds more fuel to my fire.  If they aren’t rolling their eyes when we are in public, I’m not doing my job correctly.

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