What a busy week!

Whew.  School is back in session, and my son is busily filling up my afternoons with Mom-Taxi jobs.  Gymnastics, parkour, and Drum lessons were attended, along with the always exciting “Back to School Night”.  In addition, my husband was on a business trip, so I drove to the airport twice.  With all of that going on, I did manage to get some work done on my various projects.  img_1654


First, I developed a downloadable pattern for my Cloud9 New Block Blog Hop.  It is available for download on Craftsy.  It is the first pattern in my pattern shop, and it is a freebie.  Next up I will be developing a pattern for the full quilt using this block.



I have been busily creating blocks for the #100Days100Blocks challenge.  I’m a few blocks ahead, because once I get started I hate stopping.  Since I have 34 done now, I stuck them up on my design wall and starting arranging the colors.  I want to make sure that at the end I don’t have 75 blue/green blocks rather than a good distribution of colors.  Of course, I want a rainbow quilt.

I was intending for this to be just Tula Pink fabrics with some solid-ish blenders, but I keep hearing other fabrics clamoring to get in.  It’s an interesting project, and seems to have a mind of it’s own.


img_1668I finally paid some attention to my Burst blocks and got the top pieced together.  I’m not thrilled with how the points don’t match up.  I can’t let go enough to just enjoy the wonky aspect.  I do love the pattern, so I will invest in the ruler Man Sewing developed and give it another try.  I believe this top is destined to be quilted and given away.



I made a reversible hairband from Crafty Gemini’s video tutorial.  It was easy, and I had everything I needed on hand.  I didn’t fit my head very well, so I sent it off to my sister before taking a photo.  Pending her feedback, I might be making a bunch of these to give away as Christmas gifts.  I liked that it used a jelly roll strip, but I think a narrower piece will work better for me.

IMG_1687.jpgI managed to finish the next round of my Hexagonquilt La Passion.  I was clever enough to cut all of the pieces I need for the next round, take them on vacation with me, and lose them.  Now I’m out of the cream color.  I’m waiting for my fabric order to arrive so I can choose the next fabric to use.


I pulled out some of my Katja Marek Quilts on the Grow blocks that I had started a few months ago.  I stitched these two together, and then went looking for my focus fabric.  It is MIA.  I think I’m 6 months behind on this project.  The idea of searching through closet boxes to find this piece of fabric makes me unhappy.








img_1693Finally, I tackled basting my Snowflake Shimmer top.  I decided to try spray basting again.  All the cool quilters seem to be using it.  I used my patio, which didn’t work extremely well.  The top and batting are nicely adhered, but the back has a lot of puckering.  I am glad that the tutorial Yvonne shared suggested pressing both sides before quilting.  Now I have the chance to fix it before quilting.  It would be easier than pinning, but I really am not a fan of the sticky spray everywhere.  I think my next step will be getting a folding table from Costco so I can do this in my garage.  I will definitely not use it inside my house.

We were supposed to have a barbecue this weekend.  I’m delighted to say it was cancelled, because we are supposed to have a storm.  Woohoo!  Can’t party, can’t do yard work.  Sounds like quilting time to me!  I am planning on doing straight line quilting, so once I get started that part should go fairly quickly.

Hmm.  Maybe I did get a lot done this week, just not on any one project.

7 thoughts on “What a busy week!

  1. Did you just iron the whole sandwiched quilt to get out the wrinkles? I bought several tables from Sam’s Club to use in my garage for spray basting quilts. Two summers ago, I spray basted one quilt in my house and the sticky glue got on the floor. My husband and I walk around barefoot in the summer and we were wondering why the bottoms of our feet were just black! After 2 days and 2 good floor washings, our feet were back to normal color. Do not attempt this at your home unless you like to scrub floors or like black feet.


    1. I had to pull some of the back off and iron it flat. It worked out fine – I’m just a whiner about the basting. I suspected that dirty floors would be the outcome of spray basting inside. I can just play dumb if my patio gets messy.


  2. I seem to be having those weeks a lot lately too. Where it doesn’t feel like anything was done because no check marks were made on the “To-Do” list, but ultimately a little progress was made on quite a few things. 🙂 I think this weekend holds a lot of checkmarks for me.
    It looks like you have some pretty amazing projects in the works though!


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