Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Lady Lily

I’m joining in on the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, hosted by Amy at Amy’s Creative Side.

Since I haven’t finished anything new this week, I’m going to share one of my favorite creations, from 2005.  This was an experimental quilt for me.  I was inspired by an episode of Simply Quilts that demonstrated using fusible bias tape to make a stained glass effect.  I started with this coloring book.   It’s still available on Amazon.  It has great translucent pages – I guess I’m supposed to color them in and tape them to the window.  Instead I turned them into a quilt.

img_1759I started by writing a number on each piece of the picture.  I then took the page to Kinko’s and had it enlarged to 24″ x 32″.

The construction on this one was very similar to my That’s No Moon… quilt.  The biggest difference was that I needed to be sure the pieces overlapped, to prevent the background from showing through.  For some reason, I cut some of the fusible out in the center.  This has caused an odd shadowing effect that I do not care for.  Once the pieces were fused down, I fused bias tape over the seams, then used a double needle to stitch the bias down.  That has left an odd, unattractive line of zig zag stitching on the backing.  I also used white thread in my bobbin, so I had to go back with a sharpie to fix things up here and there.  Live and learn.

I love the way the faces turned out.  I must not have gotten something just right, because my husband’s first (and only) comment on the quilt was “why do you have two chicks kissing?”  So, I now refer to it as my “Ode to Lesbianism.”  I hang it in the living room sometimes.  No else one has ever said anything about two women, so maybe it is just my husband.  Looking at the photo, it is very clear that his face is waaaaay too white.  Oh, well.

I didn’t do any quilting other than stitching the bias down.  I follow Karlee Porter, and the quilting she did on Just Breathe is something I think would compliment this quilt.  I’ll have to take a go at that on my next coloring book page.

All of the fabric comes from a fabulous collection of ombre sateens by RJR Fashion Fabrics.  It’s called the Aurora collection by Takako.  I have quite a hoard of it, in all colors.

IMG_1752.jpgI ended up going a little wild with the name of this quilt.  I called it “Lady Lily Goldenhair’s First Kiss.”  Sigh.  Sometimes my obsessive teenage reading of romance novels shows. I used two pieces of an art nouveau print for the backing.

4 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Lady Lily

  1. I like the fact that it can be two women or a man and a woman. It can be whatever the viewer wants it to be! Love the variegated colours in the background you used too!


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