Snowflake Shimmer QAL – Piecing

Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along Hosted by Quilting Jetgirl

I was able to sneak in just a bit of work on this part of the piecing before heading off to vacation.  I’m back now, and everything is sorted, so I’m back to my studio.  (Yippee!)

IMG_1442I did pretty well on most of these.  At one point I turned off my sewing machine for a break, and came back and started sewing again, not realizing my previous needle setting had been lost.  I sewed one side of 21 blocks with a standard 1/4″ seam, rather than a scant 1/4″.  They seemed to square of fairly well, but not perfectly.  “Rather than rip and resew now, I will wait to see how they come together.  It might workout just fine.  I’m fairly annoyed, but I hate ripping.  Careful pinning and matching of points should make it all okay later.”  I said, like an idiot.  I actually ended up fixing them, because I want to minimize frustration in future steps.  And because I must have been spacing out longer than I realized, after I finished the first set of seams, I realized 6 blocks had two poorly sewn seams. All are fixed now.

IMG_1443Here are the trimmings, hanging in a grapevine ball on my bird feeder.  Here’s hoping the local birds have some more fashionable digs this year.

The next set of instructions comes tomorrow.  I know what I’m doing for part of my Friday!

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