IMG_1355I’ve decided to join Angie at Gnome Angel (gnomeangel.com) on her Tula Pink City Sampler adventure.  I’ve followed Angie for a few years – she runs the Fussy Cutter’s group on Facebook.  This is an Instagram sew along, so it is something a little new for me.  I consider myself to be an Instagram idiot – I play with it here and there, but it is a little confusing.  Also, I keep picking up new followers who own quilt shops, so I think it must be some kind of marketing tool I don’t fully understand yet.

I ordered the book as soon as I saw Angie’s post.  (Affiliate link in the photo.)

I am super excited.  I started doing the Farmer’s Wife sampler a few years ago, but I haven’t followed through.  I found Farmer’s Wife to be difficult – I don’t enjoy the templates all that much.  I should probably just EPP them, but my EPP to-do list is already full.  I’m hoping the sew along, combined with prize drawings will be enough to keep me motivated to finish the City Sampler.

Of course, this sew along starts while I am out of the country.  My husband is taking me on a Bermuda cruise to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  I have the best husband.  I’m certain he will be crucial in my attempts to get photos posted on the correct days.  I’ll be stitching ahead for the first part, since I only bring hand work when I travel.

I dithered over fabric choices for a while.  Initially I was thinking of using Japanese indigo prints, but they don’t seem to be as popular as they used to be, and I don’t have any.   Instead, I will be using my collection of Tula Pink prints.  I have been collecting them for a year or so, hoping to use them to make a La Passacaglia from Willyne Hammerstein’s pattern. Now I’m thinking that I may as well use the fabrics I have now.  I feel very selfish when I keep buying and buying, with nothing leaving the studio.

Here are my first twelve blocks.

Block 1:


Block 2:


Block 3:


Block 4:


Block 5:


Block 6:IMG_1348

Block 7:IMG_1349

Block 8:IMG_1350

Block 9:IMG_1351

Block 10:IMG_1352

Block 11:IMG_1354

Block 12:IMG_1353

This project is good practice for my precision cutting and piecing.  I haven’t squared the blocks yet, but I am paying close attention to my 1/4 inch seams.  I’m also working on pressing rather than ironing.

I have to say, the Tula Pink fabric is a joy to work with.  I was just going to do 6 blocks before going on vacation, but I didn’t want to stop playing.  Seeing which little bits I could pull together and what I could match them to in my scrap bin is addictive.  I may be revisiting a few blocks – I’m not thrilled with contrast levels, but for now, I’m very pleased.  Of course, I need to hit the fabric shops and find some more Tula Pink!

*Those flashy paperclips are from an awesome gift my teenage son gave me.  It is a dachshund tape dispenser with a bowl full of bone shaped paper clips.  We were both surprised to discover the secondary pattern when the paperclip is in use.  Now that I know about them, I will definitely be using them backwards to turn in paperwork to the high school and the town.  They perfectly suit my passive aggressive teenage spirit.

5 thoughts on “#100DAYS100BLOCKS

  1. Your fabric choices for Block 4 are especially striking! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your cruise – looking forward to seeing what fabrics you find in the ports of call!


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