Commissioning Artwork

IMG_5182I can’t believe I am writing this.  I’ve commissioned an art piece from a fellow textile artist.  I’ve followed Sue Spence on Instagram for a long time.  Last year she made the most amazing tree.   I have a bit of a tree fixation.  I buy tree artwork and real trees, I plant trees, and I REFUSE to cut trees down on my property.

IMG_5183Back to Sue.  She made a tree in an embroidery hoop last year, and I was fixated.  She threw down a hank of mixed threads on a hoop.  It wasn’t impressive, just weird.  Then she proceeded to fiddle, twist, untwist and couch them into the most astonishing tree I have ever seen.

IMG_5186Last month I was on vacation with my husband when I realized that Sue does these pieces on commission.  Since Jeremy was mellow and melting on the beach, I indulged in some online shopping.  (Hooray for resorts with wi-fi!)  Sue has been sending me teasing photos ever since.

IMG_5207She used some vintage linen, and what appears to be an assortment of threads chosen at random.  I know they aren’t random – I just don’t understand their relationship to each other yet, but I will soon.  I LOVE watching her work, and I keep hoping some of the creativity will rub off on me.

IMG_5203Definitely check out Sue’s Instagram feed.  She does the coolest, weirdest needlework I have ever seen.  Her collage pieces are truly amazing.  Shells, postage stamps, bits of poetry and beads all come together beautifully in her work.  I can’t wait for my tree to be hanging on my wall.  Until then, I have all of these tease progress photos.


These are the first stitches.  Knowing this piece will be mine makes the progress photos so much more exciting.  Sue also has an Etsy shop – check out all of the loveliness she has for sale.

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