Quilts of Valor – October

Busy, busy – I did three pieces for Quilts of Valor this month.  I’m really enjoying working with my local group.


This one was a rare piece where I was able to come up with a quilting design that went from edge to edge with no thread breaks.  The longarm gods smiled down upon me, too, because the thread didn’t break at all.  That has been a persistent problem for me since starting, but either I am getting better, or I am finally using the right kind of thread. I think this top was loaded up and finished within two hours.


I wanted to use a pantograph on this one, for speed purposes, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  It cried out for custom quilting, and custom quilting is what it got.  I love the image of the sun shining through to the back.

This top is pretty busy – I didn’t think custom quilting would enhance it, so I went with one of my new pantographs.


It is great knowing that my volunteer time goes towards thanking combat veterans in such a meaningful way.

4 thoughts on “Quilts of Valor – October

  1. These are lovely! I have making a Quilt of Valor on my quilty bucket list. I really like the simplicity of the pattern of the 3rd one, and how the busy fabrics make it not simple at all.


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