Dogs in Sweaters

I get stressed out when I have a lot of partially finished projects and planned projects piling up.  To help myself feel organized and productive, I decided to work on a Dogs in Sweaters quilt, pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.  I chose to work on it "full time" until it was done, so I can have a … Continue reading Dogs in Sweaters

Busy, busy

I haven't been posting much, but I have been busy in my studio this week. I tested some patterns for Joanne at Unicorn Harts.  You can find her patterns on Craftsy. Her patterns are beautiful, and come together very nicely.   These ones are Leader of the Pack and Barmy Bear.  They should be available … Continue reading Busy, busy

Introducing Darla

After my recent class using a longarm machine, I went home and told my husband how positive the experience had been.  I also shared how I felt I could actually run a successful business out of the home if I had my very own longarm.  His response?  "Get one."  Huh.  I spent the next week … Continue reading Introducing Darla