Why do Longarmers Insist on Such Big Backings?

Why Do Longarmers Insist on Such Big Backings? Click through and see my explanation.

I like big backings, and I cannot lie.  I've been asked this several times, and some quilters seem to feel that I am insane.  They can quilt their quilt with a backing just an inch or two larger on their home machine, why can't I do that?  Today I am going to show you why. … Continue reading Why do Longarmers Insist on Such Big Backings?

Quilting a Jelly Roll Race the Fun Way

Quilting a Jelly Roll Race the Fun Way - Dizzyquilter.com

I am a member of the Beginner LongArm Quilters Group on Facebook.  I've been a member since the day I decided to buy my longarm.  It is a very helpful group.  One of the best parts is that we all share examples of our work, and share details about our machines and experience levels.  Seeing … Continue reading Quilting a Jelly Roll Race the Fun Way

Being a Professional Quilter

I have boldly taken the next step in my journey as a professional quilter.  I am longarming quilts for clients of Gotham Quilts, in New York City.   I attended their Grand Re-Opening, to celebrate their move to a larger ground level shop.  It was an absolute zoo.  Several of my friends from my guilds came … Continue reading Being a Professional Quilter

Turning a Vintage Top into a Quilt

Recently at a guild meeting, a visitor stood up and asked for help getting an antique top quilted.  She has been the owner of a family piece - a beautiful Ocean Waves top in blue and white that has been passed down for at least 100 years.  It had been sitting in her closet for … Continue reading Turning a Vintage Top into a Quilt

Quilts of Valor – October

Busy, busy - I did three pieces for Quilts of Valor this month.  I'm really enjoying working with my local group. This one was a rare piece where I was able to come up with a quilting design that went from edge to edge with no thread breaks.  The longarm gods smiled down upon me, … Continue reading Quilts of Valor – October

Client Quilting – October

I was surprised when I went through my photos and saw how many quilts I have finished this month.  It is so much fun to get to work with all of these different quilters. This is Glam Clam, quilted for Gotham Quilts.  Andrea pieced it using an acrylic template.  I may have picked them up … Continue reading Client Quilting – October

Longarm Quilting – August, September

  It's been a busy summer for me.  I have plenty of my own projects to work on, and I have been lucky to have a few client pieces as well, along with my fairly regular stream of tops for Quilts of Valor.  The best way to learn how to use my longarm machine is … Continue reading Longarm Quilting – August, September