Client Quilts – June, July

I have been happily taking in client tops for quilting these last few months.  I am really enjoying the challenge of enhancing the piecer’s vision.

There has been a big difference in how I feel about quilting since I took my class last month.  I feel a lot more confident in my design abilities, and my quilting is getting so much better.

This beauty was entrusted to my by Tami, of Thrift Shop Commando.  She chose the pantograph, so it was easy for me to zip along and finish it off for her.  It came together really well.

This monster belongs to Emilee.  She decided she wanted a king sized double sided quilt, and I was willing to try.  It came out beautifully!  This was also a pantograph – as the quilt was meant to be reversible.  I saw a lot of people on my various longarm groups advising against doing a double sided quilt – mostly they were fearful of bulky seams.  I had no problems with this one, and made zero effort to keep seams from matching up.  I don’t even know how I would attempt that.  My mantra is that I will try anything with my Gammill once.

This vibrant piece belongs to Collettia.  It is a collection of fabrics from Ghana, and was so fascinating to examine while I worked.  I did custom work on this one.  I kept the design simple, because no way did I want to distract from this fabric.

Finally, this is a quilt from Maryann, who is a member of one of my quilt guilds.  I was so thrilled to get to work on this gorgeous quilt.  She let me go crazy with my new design skills, and I even added a second batting to allow the quilting to really pop.  You just can’t even imagine how wonderful it all feels in person.  I’m smitten.


9 thoughts on “Client Quilts – June, July

  1. These are amazing! I cannot even imagine someone piecing two whole king size quilts just to make one reversible quilt. But it sure is beautiful. They all are. One that last one, did you use a pattern or do it free motion? Hard to tell from the picture. But it is lovely, too. This whole post is a nice bit of eye candy for us quilters!


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