Grey Days

I’m linking up to Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles, who I have loved for a while, but only recently discovered is not a girl.  Thank you, Instagram.  I also didn’t know the Village People wore those costumes for anything other than their day jobs until I was in my 20’s.  (My husband really enjoyed my confusion on that one.)  Sometimes I’m just not paying enough attention.

Anywhoo, I’ve been feeling a lack of grey in my stash lately.  It is my current background color of choice.  I’m slowly trying to embrace the modern aesthetic of white, but my quilting history has been all about black backgrounds.  As a compromise, I’m learning grey.

Florence Flamingo ate up the rest of my P&B Textiles Color Weave in Light steel.   I tried one block in a variegated grey I had by Takata for RJR, but I’m not thrilled with it, and also, I finished off that piece, too. I just couldn’t sell myself on a totally scrappy background.  I tried for days.  I convinced my husband to take me to the fabric store today.

Claire at Mouse Creek Quilts in Howell, NJ, was kind enough to let me pillage the greys in the store.  I’m pleased to say, I finished off two different bolts.  (I looove finishing the bolt.)

img_2544I picked up:

  • A fat quarter of Urban Zoologie by Robert Kaufman (I’m still not over owls)
  • 1/2 yard of dachshunds by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman
  • 3 yards of Basically Hugs by Helen Stubbings of Hugs ‘ Kisses for Red Rooster Fabrics
  • Almost 1 1/2 yards of Essex linen in grey (my first Essex linen, let’s see what the fuss is about)
  • 3 yards of Color Weave by P&B Textiles, in a darker grey
  • Almost 3 yards of a peppered cotton – I’m not sure who it is by, but it was near the Kaffe Fasset collection.  The selvage is all fuzzy, and the fabric is so soft.
  • I also snagged this mini charm rainbow by Denyse Schmidt for Free Sprit
  • And last, one skein of a variegated beige embroidery floss by Seasons for my Alison Glass embroidery piece.  I hope I can mix perle cotton and embroidery floss to get the effect I’m looking for.
  • I also picked up a little something for my swap partner in the Once Upon a Time swap

Time to dig out some comic book boards and fold these beauties up.  Well, except for the Color Weave, which is going to get cut up straight away.

What have you added to your stash this week?

img_2462Oh, here are Beauty and Oscar, enjoying some Sunday stitching.

4 thoughts on “Grey Days

  1. I’m all about FQs lately. Basically inhaling everything I see. Like you I am trying to find my way with the new low volume neutrals. Great choices by you and clearly the boys think so too. We have a big black Standard Poodle who loves to snooze in the sewing room and a new baby poodle who loves to chase scraps all over the house.


  2. Haha… this made me smile! I wasn’t trying to be sneaky, but maybe a bit of camouflage! You cleaned up in the fabric department this week, congratulations! That Essex will go with just about anything!


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