La Passion Continues to Grow

IMG_0726I’ve made some good progress on my La Passion over the past few months.  Getting the whole thing into the photo is getting harder and harder.  I work on it for a few hours a day for a couple of weeks, then set it aside and do other projects before it calls to me again.  Right now I’m trying to do at least an hour each day.

IMG_0734The part I am working on now has taken a while.  I had to make 36 matching flowers – after three or four my attention starts to wander.  Thankfully, they are done now, and I have been adding them to the main quilt, which is what excites and motivates me.


One idea that I wish I had thought of before starting was my scrap jar.  I have a pair of these fantastic lamp bases, and I struggle to fill them with something interesting.  A few rounds ago I thought of putting in the little triangles I trim off of my squares before basting. I haven’t mixed the pieces up at all.  As I prep a bunch of hexies, I typically cut all of one color at a time.  Then I dump them into the jar, so I get striations of colors.

I’m really happy with the look  – I think it will look fantastic on my bedside table once the quilt is on the bed.




When I’m prepping my hexies I start by cutting a strip of the width of the fabric.  Since I am using 1/2″ hexies on this project, I cut my strips 1 1/2″.  I then cut the strips into 1 1/2″ squares.  The squares get a mylar hexie template pinned on.  Then I trim the corners, so I am sewing octagons onto the hexagons.  It takes a little bulk off of the quilt, which is already pretty heavy.  This is the fastest method I have tried so far.  On another quilt I tried to cut a honeycomb pattern out of the fabric, and things just didn’t stay straight for me.  I ended up wasting plenty of fabric by mis-cutting.  With this project, I value speed over fabric waste.


14 thoughts on “La Passion Continues to Grow

  1. Wow, Jennifer, this is stunning! What an amazing project. As a fellow EPPer, I love your idea of saving those bits of fabric trimmings to help provide added motivation!


  2. It is so beautiful, absolutely breathtaking. The last time I did EPP was on my first quilt, a sampler. The results were ‘ok’ but it isn’t inside me to try it again. Strangely I saw an almost finished hexagon quilt, Insanity, less than a week ago, and I have been tempted to try again, seeing La Passion makes me want to do one even more.
    Looking forward to getting to know you on the blog hop.


  3. I’ve started punching Pepsi’s out of magazine inserts and starting to put fabric getting ready to do my LaPssion I love your colors


  4. your quilt just takes my breath away! I recently dipped my toe in the hexagon pool and I’m just learning the basics. Those templates you have are brilliant with the hole in the center – where did you get them?


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