Goodbye, Sue

So long, Sue.  You will be missed.  From your rusted out water reservoir, to your sinister hissing while I piece my quilts, you have been a loyal companion.  I will always remember our first time together, when I tipped you over, and you belched boiling water and tiny dead bugs onto my belly. My Italian grandma laughed … Continue reading Goodbye, Sue

Welcome to the North Pole!

Or, The Never-Ending Christmas Quilt I saw this quilt when it aired on an Episode of Simply Quilts, which used to be on HGTV, way back when they had crafty content, not just home renovations.  I was enthralled, but intimidated.  This was right after I started quilting, so maybe 2000 or so.  I was a serious machine … Continue reading Welcome to the North Pole!

That’s No Moon…

Learn how to make a your own space station quilt with my tutorial.

I recently made a 3-d hexagon appliqué quilt, using Geta Grama's fantastic "My Secret Flower Garden" pattern.  My husband, the lifelong Star Wars fan, constantly referred to it as a Death Star.  It really annoyed me.  Clearly, there are no hexagons on the Death Star, and the Death Star is not blue.  I decided to … Continue reading That’s No Moon…

Wreath and Tree Pillows

Thursday is my day to wash the floors.  So, like a good little quilter, I went into my studio to make seasonal pillow covers for my sofa pillows.  This year we have decked the heck out of the halls.  I don't know what has come over us, but there are Christmas decorations all over the place. … Continue reading Wreath and Tree Pillows

My Blue Hexies

In October of 2014 I discovered Geta Grama, a fantastic quilter from Romania.  (Thank you, Al Gore, for inventing the internet so I can discover all these European quilters.)  On her blog she has a quilt called "Together in a Friendship World".  It is amazing.  Hand pieced hexagons, but she has changed their dimensions, to … Continue reading My Blue Hexies