Longarm Quilting Services

I use a Gammill Classic Plus 26″ on a 12′ frame.


Save your knees!  Quilt will be basted on a 3″ grid.

Regular Thread – .5 cents per square inch

I’ll baste with large stitches which are easy to remove.

Water Soluble Thread – .75 cents per square inch

Once you have completed hand or domestic machine quilting, simply wash the quilt and the basting thread will disappear.


Edge to Edge – Level 1 – 2.5 cents per square inch

Edge to Edge – Level 2 – 3 cents per square inch

Custom – 3.5 cents per square inch and up


You provide, I attach to the front – 5 cents per inch

You provide, I attach to front, turn and machine stitch to back – 10 cents per inch

You provide fabric, I make and attach to front – 10 cents cents per inch

You provide fabric, I make and attach to front, turn and machine stitch to back – 20 cents per inch


Prices include one color of thread.  If you desire multiple colors on the quilt top, there will be a thread change fee.  Top and bottom thread colors must match.

Alterations to backing or quilt top will be done at $25 per hour.

Minimum charge is $45.  It takes me almost the same amount of time to load a small quilt onto the machine as to load a king sized quilt.

Preparing your quilt to be quilted 

  • Press your quilt well.  I prefer open seams, but I can work with anything.  Very bulky sections with a lot of points matching may cause a jiggle in the quilting line – the hopping foot gets caught.
  • Mark the top of the quilt for me – a safety pin in the center of the top border is sufficient.
  • Backing and batting must be 8 inches larger in length and width than your quilt top.  There needs to be plenty of excess for me to load it onto the machine properly.
  • If backing is pieced, please be sure it is nice and square.
  • Mark the top of the backing for me.
  • Don’t layer your quilt layers together at all.  It takes more time for both of us that way.

In case the pricing is confusing:

For quilting prices, multiply the length of your quilt by the width of your quilt.  That will give you your square inches.

For binding, add the length plus the width, and double.  That is the number of inches of binding you will need.

I am located in West Long Branch, New Jersey.  If you are local, email me and we can discuss a meeting to discuss your quilt and your needs.  If you are not local, contact me, and we can talk about shipping your quilt.

You can reach me at (407) 221-4292 or jenniferstrauser@gmail.com