Quilt Photography and Temporary Design Wall

I confess, I am a quilting snob.  I require a design wall to lay out my quilts.  I need to put everything up, then step away to get the big picture.  Then I move things around, let it rest, look again, move things around, continuing until I get bored and put it together. My absolute … Continue reading Quilt Photography and Temporary Design Wall

Studio Tour!

Melva, from Melva Loves Scraps, is hosting a Studio Hop.  Thanks, Melva, for giving me the impetus to get my studio cleaned up this week!  Be sure to follow the links and see other studios, too. I finally have my studio set up in the new house!  There are still a few things left, like … Continue reading Studio Tour!

Bobbin Storage

I cannot be the only quilter with a box full of half used, tangled bobbins.  Some days I feel like they are the bane of my existence.  There is never an empty one when I need it, and they are never all the way full.  Life is hard.  (I don't have a photo, because I … Continue reading Bobbin Storage

My Quilting Studio Takes Shape

This week, instead of whining, I'm going to share my progress in setting up my new studio.  It isn't finished yet, but I can clearly see that it will be up and running shortly. This is where I started with my plan.  Yes, I still use graph paper rather than an online design program.  The … Continue reading My Quilting Studio Takes Shape