Bjorn Bear

I've been a bad blogger, but a good quilter lately, I promise. Olde City Quilts had me make another sample - this is Bjorn Bear, by Elizabeth Hartman.  I do love her patterns. This came together easily - I've finally learned to cut and label my pieces, not cut and stack them and hope I … Continue reading Bjorn Bear

Quilt Guilds

I have been quilting since the year 2000.  In all that time, I have never joined a quilting guild.  I had heard of them, but a combination of social anxiety and mom duties kept me from adventuring out.  I feel super uncomfortable in a group of new people.  The fact that all of the quilters … Continue reading Quilt Guilds

Bento Box

This project is another shop sample for Olde City Quilts, in Burlington, NJ.  The pattern is Bento Box by Tracey Brookshier. Judy selected a Moda Marbles Jellyroll and a tiny paw print fabric called Crafty Cats Paws by Makower.  (When I saw that rainbow jelly roll I practically danced out of the store.) The pattern is … Continue reading Bento Box

Sew Peachy

I recently won a free Laser Cut Quilts kit from Quilter's Candy Box.  I love entering giveaways on Instagram.  I do try to only enter the ones for things I would enjoy, but lucky for me, I'm a fabric junkie, so I like almost all of it. This kit is called Sew Peachy, and was … Continue reading Sew Peachy

The Centerpiece Tablemat

I had another shop sample to work on last week.  It is for an octagonal table mat.  Not really my thing, but fun to make. This pattern is from Sweet Treasures, designed by Terri Staats. It came together easily, although I did make a mistake as I added the rounds.  It's important to add the … Continue reading The Centerpiece Tablemat

Playing with Cuddle Fabric

I have been connecting more closely with the local quilt shop where I bought my Gammill.  The team at Olde City Quilts is very nice, and it is totally worth the drive to visit.  I mentioned to the owner that I would be willing to make shop samples.  I had no idea how enthusiastic Judy … Continue reading Playing with Cuddle Fabric

Dogs in Sweaters

I get stressed out when I have a lot of partially finished projects and planned projects piling up.  To help myself feel organized and productive, I decided to work on a Dogs in Sweaters quilt, pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.  I chose to work on it "full time" until it was done, so I can have a … Continue reading Dogs in Sweaters