2017 In Review

I went back to look at my post for the beginning of the year, to see how far I had come with my plans.  I had to laugh.  I titled my post “2107 – year of the UFO“.  Whoops.  I guess if I didn’t make it 2017 it doesn’t count, right?

Of the 12 projects I had listed out I finished one.  That feels pretty pathetic.  That one quilt did end up being two, but still.  Those were plans I made before I got a longarm, and I STILL didn’t manage to make much progress on that list.  I guess my old UFO’s don’t really turn me on as much as starting new projects do.

I did manage to finish off three quilts that were in progress last year, too.

2017 Personal Finishes

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  • Flamingos for Mom
  • 2 Moravian Stars
  • Pumpkins
  • Thread Painted Sunflowers Mini
  • One hour basket
  • Dogs in Sweaters for Donna
  • Dogs in Sweater pillow
  • Boris Bear Pillow
  • Sew Together bag
  • Damaged Duvet rescue
  • Long Time in Blue
  • Mini Wholecloth
  • Sew Peachy Mini
  • Tea Cozy
  • Wolf pillow
  • Blue Burst
  • Quilter’s Laundry Day
  • Geo Dragon
  • Jungle Panel
  • 3 Chenille panels

Client finishes

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  • Patti’s T-shirts
  • Hockey T-shirts
  • Vintage ocean waves top
  • Bjorn Bear pillow
  • Bento Boxes quilt
  • Cuddle Throw
  • Cuddle Infinity Scarf
  • Centerpiece Table Mat
  • Cat Pillows
  • Quilted 20! client tops

Volunteer work

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  • Jersey Shore MQG Quilt Con Charity piece
  • 10 Quilts for Quilts of Valor
  • Pillowcases for Project Pillowcase

I have a quilt pattern being published by Sewn Magazine in January, and Moda Bakeshop in February.  I also won some ribbons at the Eastern States Expo, and had two quilts hang at the Mancuso Quilt Festival.

At least I know why I’m feeling so tired this week!

I’ll admit, I was feeling pretty badly about the year when I looked back at my first post, but I feel better now.  I’ll keep those old projects on my list, and maybe I’ll finish off a few more this year.

5 thoughts on “2017 In Review

  1. UFOs are just reminders of things we USED to like. If you’ve learned what you wanted to from those projects, pass them along to someone else to finish and keep going with the things that you want to do NOW!


  2. You have done an amazing amount of work! I love the slide show and seeing all you accomplished. Look forward to seeing your pattern in the new year.


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