La Passion – The Eternal Work In Progress

I realize I haven’t posted an update on this project in quite a while.  I alternate working diligently every day for a week or so, then lose interest and do other things.  Keeping at it is a real struggle lately, especially since I am getting busy with my quilting business.  I had originally wanted to have the entire project completed in 2018, but that seems highly unlikely.

La Passion.jpg

I’m working my way around, adding these big diamonds.  They are the last step before finishing off the corners.  I get bored doing the same thing over and over, and I have to do 12 of these.  The top is folded down to hang up, so I can’t be sure what is left, but I think I have 7 diamonds left.

Each of the diamonds is a little different, because I can’t possibly count out enough hexies to make sure I have enough to do all of them.  The outer ring of the diamonds all match, and they all start at a light fabric in the middle and get darker all the way out.  I like how they look, and I’m eager to see how they look when set into the dark border.


This is my current diamond – hopefully it will be finished and added to the main quilt this week.  I try for 10 hexies added every morning, but sometimes I have to do fun stuff like laundry.

Enjoy your Sunday!  I’ll be doing some slow stitching, with the hopes of having some noticeable progress next week.

Do you enjoy any slow stitching projects?

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Here is a link to Grit’s series of posts on this project, including instructions and free pattern.

13 thoughts on “La Passion – The Eternal Work In Progress

  1. I am so impressed. This is one gorgeous quilt. I am only 3 partial stars into LaPassacagalia and have really let it go. I think I need a support group!

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  2. Wow!! You’re doing a La Passion, and it’s so pretty. That’s a project that’s on my serious bucket list. I have two long-term intense hand applique works going, though, so I need to clear those before starting this. Your colors are terrific, and I’m sure the uniqueness of each of this round’s diamonds will add to the prettiness.


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