Handmade Holiday Cards

I signed up for a holiday card exchange earlier this week, intending to make handmade cards. The mailing deadline is tomorrow, and my cards are still blank. Whoops! Time to do a scrap bin dive.

Many years ago my Aunt Susan, who was a wonderful quilter, sent me a card with fabric stitched into it. I was amazed, but intimidated. I also had a long list of family members to send cards to at that point, so I stuck with the usual family Christmas photo card.

This year I’ve been making one-off cards to include with packages sometimes. It only takes a few minutes, and they make me smile.

Here are my ideas for some Christmas cards. You can make them as fancy as you like. I decided to go with a Christmas tree theme – I’ve been enjoying all of the tree blocks coming up on my Instagram feed lately. Also, I have plenty of green scraps.

For prep, I press the fabrics. Working with flat fabric is easier. I also threaded my machine with a variegated green thread. No matching required.

I used a 30° triangle ruler to cut some of my trees, but it certainly isn’t required. I feel better about my crazy tool stash if I use them once in a while.

These ones are so easy. Cut a few triangles, stitch around them. I chose straight stitches – I’m not in a zig zag mood today. Draw a trunk. Add a star if desired. Done.

This one is a little fancier. Cut your triangle, then fold in half lengthwise. Snip a tree shape. I added some silly trim I’ve been hoarding forever.

Cut a few strips, then lay them out on the cutting board, in the order you want them in. Lay your ruler over them and slice. Tah dah! Lay them on your card. Stitch along the outside of the tree.

Cut strips, staggering the lengths. Stitch around the outside, or just one line of stitching up the center for a flappy tree.

If you have lots of little crumbs left over, lay them out on a circle. Stitch around them a few times to make a wreath. This one sounded better in planning.

I embellished with some star shaped sequins and seed beads, until I was bored. I think my lettering is meh, but it is my personal touch.

Woo hoo! Job done. I’m off to the post office now. Merry Christmas!

Linking up to Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – be sure to go see what ideas my fellow quilt bloggers have for you!

9 thoughts on “Handmade Holiday Cards

  1. I am quite amazed. For something you make so simply and very effectively they have such an element of sophistication. If I didn’t know better I would have thought you purchased them from some fancy designer store. It’s too late for me this year but guess what cards I will be sending out next Christmas. Love this post.

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