Quilting a Jelly Roll Race the Fun Way

I am a member of the Beginner LongArm Quilters Group on Facebook.  I’ve been a member since the day I decided to buy my longarm.  It is a very helpful group.  One of the best parts is that we all share examples of our work, and share details about our machines and experience levels.  Seeing a masterpiece quilt finished by someone working for just two years gives me great motivation.  Also, if there are ANY questions you have, the answers are already there.

In November we had a challenge (Thanks, Beth!)  This is a new thing, and I love it.  Luckily, the challenge was for a jelly roll race quilt.  My Mom likes making those, so I got to skip ahead to the quilting.  This time she used a luscious jelly roll of Marcus Brothers Ombre Hand Dyes.  They are soft and silky, and so pretty.  She made the jelly roll part, then had the border fabrics shipped to me.  Apparently my lecture on properly adding a border was not well received.

Quilting a Jelly Roll Race the Fun Way - Dizzyquilter.comHere it is, in all of it’s quilted glory.  I used wool batting – I love the texture, and also, I’m out of my usual Hobbs 80/20.  It finished at 70″ x 72″.


And, because I’m still trying to figure out this whole Youtube business, and get over hating the sound of my voice, here is a video so that you can see all of the details of the quilting.

IMG_5066.jpgThe challenge was to practice a different motif in each row, and stitch in the ditch between rows.  I’ve now had a lot of stitch in the ditch practice, with no appreciable improvement in my accuracy.  I think it is time for a new ruler – maybe Santa will get the one on my list.  I used books from Jamie Wallen, Angel Walters, Leah Day, and Barbara Persing for my design ideas.

IMG_5061.jpgThe joke was on me with the border.  I was lazy and didn’t measure the top.  I didn’t notice it wasn’t square.  Consequently, there was some fullness in the bottom border as I quilted.  I’m happy with it anyway.

I was in a bit of a hurry this to get this off of the frame today, but I did a fancy border treatment anyway.  I can’t have Mom snuggled up under a plain quilt.

Quilting a Jelly Roll Race the Fun Way - Dizzyquilter.comOscar was a huge help with this project.  He will help me attach the binding to the front before we send it off to Mom.  She will finish it herself – she enjoys hand work.

Have you tried the Jelly Roll Race Pattern?  I keep thinking I want to take a crack at making one, but I never get around to it.

Quilting a Jelly Roll Race the Fun Way - Dizzyquilter.com


17 thoughts on “Quilting a Jelly Roll Race the Fun Way

  1. Hi Jennifer – after you posted this I sought out the group on FB as I too am a beginning longarmer. I haven’t been approved to join but I would still like to. Can you vouch for me to the admins? Do you know if it just takes a long time to be approved? Thanks!


  2. That’s gorgeous. This is not a favorite pattern of mine, but I occasionally see one that I think is beautiful, and this one is, with the ombre and with that border color. I would probably never have picked it, but it’s perfect for the quilt! What a fun thing to watch the video. I like your voice, actually. You have a nice American mid-west accent that is easy to listen to, and the tone of your voice is not too soprano. You can’t do too many feathers. It isn’t possible. LOL


  3. LOVE the ombre fabrics in this jelly roll race quilt. My favorite out of all the ones I’ve seen. Love the border treatment. Nice job!!!


  4. What a fun quilt and challenge! I did do a jelly roll race and it was truly fun! I used it for my sons’ college quilt…no need to do something fancy that could disappear. I recommend them as both quick and fun.


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