Being a Professional Quilter

I have boldly taken the next step in my journey as a professional quilter.  I am longarming quilts for clients of Gotham Quilts, in New York City.   I attended their Grand Re-Opening, to celebrate their move to a larger ground level shop.  It was an absolute zoo.  Several of my friends from my guilds came to say hi, and it was awesome.  The mark of a true friend is someone who will brave the nightmare that is New York City, just to cheer you on.  Thanks Anne, Regina, Pat & Eileen!

This is Lenni, the longarm at Gotham Quilts

The day was great.  Plenty of customers wanted to talk to me and watch me play on the shop longarm.  I was shocked and thrilled that four quilts got dropped off for me to work on.  I was less thrilled when I loaded myself up with projects and dragged them home on the train.  My rolling basket will be coming to the city with me from now on.

All of the projects were beautiful, but one was really amazing.  I can’t share photos until January, though.  It was a quilt celebrating a young girl’s birthday.  The blocks were made by different family members and friends.  They had some amazing embellishments – buttons, ribbons, lots of unusual appliqué, and colored in blocks, along with photos.  It was so much fun to quilt it, and surprisingly easy to accommodate the unusual elements.  I can’t wait to share the few pictures I took.

IMG_5011.jpgI absolutely love the staff at Gotham Quilts.  They keep giving me work, and they seem to like what I do.  (I quilted and bound the quilt in the window!)  I will be spending some Fridays in the shop, using their longarm for small projects, and bringing larger ones home with me.

Darla the longarm came to live with me in March.  Since then I have become a passable longarmer, developed some free motion skills, joined two very different guilds (Rebecca’s Reel Quilters and the Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild), and made lots of friends.  I can’t believe how much my life has changed, and I love it.  I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Have you taken any risks in your quilting life this year?


13 thoughts on “Being a Professional Quilter

  1. Have I taken any risks? Hmmmmm. Let me think…oh hell yes! I purchased my Juki Longarm, which currently lives in the garage, but my day job is interfering with spending as much time as i’d like to with Louise.


      1. Lol. We must be sisters. My work will never be flawless, but I will still be proud of it. Flawed quilting shows that it is hand guided. I can find mistakes in other people’s quilting. Sometimes I look for them, to keep myself from going crazy.

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      2. I’ve been at least moderately insane for years, so I figure I’ll jus start going with that whole “weird old neighbor lady” gig. I’ve waited my whole life for this!

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  2. What a great thing! So glad you are really enjoying the phase, sort of bursting forth into your new business. Love that you are doing some work for Gotham quilts – how far are you from the city? Enjoy the excitement of this time!


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