T-Shirt Quilts: Prepare the Shirts

Are you ready to follow along as I turn a pile of t-shirts into a snuggly quilt? https://youtu.be/Vt4wrZrTyi8 I suggest washing your t-shirts before starting.  This client washed them before bringing me - that was very much appreciated.  These shirts were brand new, so the wash eliminated a lot of that new t-shirt smell.  I've … Continue reading T-Shirt Quilts: Prepare the Shirts

T-Shirt Quilts: Generating an Estimate

I have made two t-shirt quilts in my life.  I blogged about them, considered putting up a page on my site advertising them as a service, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  Figuring out a pricing structure held me up. Last week a new client reached out to me, asking if I could … Continue reading T-Shirt Quilts: Generating an Estimate

La Passion – The Eternal Work In Progress

I realize I haven't posted an update on this project in quite a while.  I alternate working diligently every day for a week or so, then lose interest and do other things.  Keeping at it is a real struggle lately, especially since I am getting busy with my quilting business.  I had originally wanted to … Continue reading La Passion – The Eternal Work In Progress

Dryer Sheet Scrap Buster

Think out your scrap heap and grow some pretty flowers.

I first heard about using dryer sheets as a foundation for string quilts a long time ago.  It isn't an idea that everyone likes - putting those weird plastic sheets in their quilts.   I am not a purist by any stretch, and they smell great.  Also, I'm a bit of a nut about recycling.  I … Continue reading Dryer Sheet Scrap Buster

The Thunderstruck Quilt, or Stitch, Rip, Repeat

I was fortunate to spend this Friday taking a class with Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  My friend Deb set it up - she has FANTASTIC connections.  Of 8 people taking the class, 5 were from the Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild.  It was a fun day, and a great way to get to know my fellow … Continue reading The Thunderstruck Quilt, or Stitch, Rip, Repeat

Why do Longarmers Insist on Such Big Backings?

Why Do Longarmers Insist on Such Big Backings? Click through and see my explanation.

I like big backings, and I cannot lie.  I've been asked this several times, and some quilters seem to feel that I am insane.  They can quilt their quilt with a backing just an inch or two larger on their home machine, why can't I do that?  Today I am going to show you why. … Continue reading Why do Longarmers Insist on Such Big Backings?