2018 – Plans and Dreams

Silk Close up

  I'm joining Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl again this year for her 2018 planning party.  This year I won't be planning to finish off all of my UFO's.  That is clearly not my style. So much has changed for me in 2017.  I got a longarm quilting machine and started a business.  This year I'll … Continue reading 2018 – Plans and Dreams

2017 In Review

I went back to look at my post for the beginning of the year, to see how far I had come with my plans.  I had to laugh.  I titled my post "2107 - year of the UFO".  Whoops.  I guess if I didn't make it 2017 it doesn't count, right? Of the 12 projects … Continue reading 2017 In Review

Finished Flamingos, Finally!

Florence Flamingo

I can hardly believe it, but I have finished the flamingo quilt I started for my mom last December.  I've blogged about it a few times. I started this quilt shortly after my mom was diagnosed with cancer last winter.  It was meant to keep her cozy during chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  I was very … Continue reading Finished Flamingos, Finally!

Announcing The 2018 Monthly Color Challenge Blog Hop!

My friend Jen from Patterns by Jen has put together a fantastic project this year. Each month Jen will be designing a block in the color of the month.  Her block will be available in both 12" and 6" options.  Jen does beautiful designs, and she promises these will be beginner friendly.  The other bloggers … Continue reading Announcing The 2018 Monthly Color Challenge Blog Hop!

T-Shirt Quilts: Part 3 – Layout

Now that all of our t-shirts are stabilized with fusible interfacing, it is time to trim them up to their correct size. Step 4:  Square your blocks This step can be tedious.  Turn on some music or an audiobook. For this quilt I will be making 18" finished blocks, so I want to trim them … Continue reading T-Shirt Quilts: Part 3 – Layout

T-Shirt Quilts: Prepare the Shirts

Are you ready to follow along as I turn a pile of t-shirts into a snuggly quilt? https://youtu.be/Vt4wrZrTyi8 I suggest washing your t-shirts before starting.  This client washed them before bringing them to me - that was very much appreciated.  These shirts were brand new, so the wash eliminated a lot of that new t-shirt … Continue reading T-Shirt Quilts: Prepare the Shirts

T-Shirt Quilts: Generating an Estimate

I have made two t-shirt quilts in my life.  I blogged about them, considered putting up a page on my site advertising them as a service, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  Figuring out a pricing structure held me up. Last week a new client reached out to me, asking if I could … Continue reading T-Shirt Quilts: Generating an Estimate