Pumpkin Season!

I don’t have access to a baby for cutie photos in the pumpkin patch, so you will have to be satisfied with dogs.

IMG_4583I spent Saturday working on a project that I am submitting to a magazine for possible publication.  I’m thrilled to be exploring a new avenue of quilt design, but I’m really frustrated by not being able to share it immediately.  I’m used to sharing a lot.

After a long day of experimenting with a new technique, I was happy to see this darling project pop up in Lori’s daily blog.  They are quick, and only take 8 – 4″ squares of fabric, plus stems and leaves.

I don’t usually do much seasonal decorating of my house.  For Halloween we have an enormous spider with light up eyes that I pose around the exterior.  It keeps many children away from my candy bowl.  Inside, I think I have two seasonal hand towels in the guest bath.

IMG_4581This year I’m feeling pumpkins.  I’m tempted to go looking for some pretty blown glass pumpkins, but that has to happen during the week.  Weekends are for hanging out with my husband.  Shopping is a sneaky activity.

I’ve done two today, and there may be more to come.  My orange scrap bin is still quite full, and these babies are quick.  Lori calls for making leaves with quilted fabric, then twigs for stems.  I lucked out when I asked my friend for felted wool scraps.  She has a wool stash, and happily unloaded a gallon ziploc bag of odd scraps onto me.  I went to town, making leaves and stems.  I love how they came out, and they feel divine.

I also don’t have fiberfill, but I have plenty of batting scraps.  I used wool batting, as it is the fluffiest I have.  I doubt these will be used as pin cushions.  I’m devoted to my magnetic pin cushions.

IMG_4584If you have some free time as the weather cools down, give these fluffy pumpkins a try.

I’ll be trying these velvet pumpkins next weekend.  First I have to find some velvet.  And some pumpkin stems.

Do you have other pumpkin patterns I should try out?  I think my Thanksgiving table will have a lot of hand made pumpkins on display this year.

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Season!

  1. Don’t let my oldest see these pumpkins of yours or I will never get to anything else. She loves all things fall, and while I don’t generally do much seasonal decorating, my living room and kitchen are currently overflowing with fall and Haloween decorations, soon to be replaced by Thanksgiving. Last fall I make this quilt http://cluckclucksew.com/2017/09/happy-fall.html which currently wants to be loaded up on my longarm and may become my first experiment in robotic pantographs.

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