Thread Painting

Saturday I took a class with Joyce Hughes, of Joyce Hughes Originals.  The workshop was put on by the Rebecca’s Reel Quilters.  I’m always reluctant to not be spending my day with my husband, but today was worth it.  Thread painting is a lot of fun, and this project stitched up very quickly.

Sunflower Start

Joyce started us out with 12″ quilt sandwiches she had prepared before class.  I had four sunflowers and a bunch of leaves fused onto the top.  She led us through layering thread colors onto the piece, to create this great dimension that I wouldn’t have even imagined was possible.


We worked one color section at a time.  It was awesome watching the texture develop.



I don’t want to give away too much of Joyce’s technique – she definitely deserves her class fees.  We kept adding new colors on top of the previous ones we had added.  This was the first time I have had success with metallic threads.  Each new color really brought the piece to life.

IMG_4517Check out the back.  Even the back is amazing.

I do wish we had gotten to play with the hot fix crystals Joyce uses on her other work.  Maybe next time.

The only real bummer all day was that she demonstrated bobbin work at the end, and I don’t have the stuff to do that.  Yet.  I’ll be ordering a new bobbin case and fancy threads, just as soon as I cross a few more projects off of my list.

IMG_4516I think I can see how to do at least part of this project on my longarm.  I’ll be testing my ideas out soon.  There is just so much of it that would need to be done on my domestic machine, and you know I like to make big quilts.  The idea of wrestling a big quilt through the throat on my Bernina is what led me to get the Gammill.


15 thoughts on “Thread Painting

  1. It’s beautiful! Thread painting is a technique I’ve been wanting to learn. Your sunflowers look amazing! And the back is just as pretty.


  2. All the thread painting I’ve seen in person was done entirely on a longarm. I can’t imagine doing i any other way. Your piece does look very pretty on the front AND the back.


  3. I’m fascinated by the thread painting on a longarm process. Let me know how that goes. I also want to take one of Kelly Cline’s classes in the use of longarms with vintage linens. I have a LOT of old linens.


  4. What a great job. I like the idea of practicing on a pre-printed panel and making it look better. Your work was lovely. I, too, need to learn how to do bobbin work. I think I’ll have to do some research on you-tube.

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