Sew Together Bag

Well, I’ve finally gone and done it.  My modern quilt guild (Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild) had a sew-in day on Saturday, and our very own fabulous Eileen taught us how to make a Sew Together Bag from Kelsey Sews.  I’ve wanted to make one for a while, but there are 4 zippers.  If you want to make one, you can find the pattern at Craftsy.  (This is an affiliate link.)

IMG_4252I had more than a month to prepare my pieces.  Eileen instructed us to come to the sew-in with our pieces prepped and ready to go.  So, on Friday night I started to pull everything together.  I downloaded a paper pieced dachshund from Craftsy.  (Thanks, Stars & Sunshine – it’s so cute!).  I had to adjust it a bit, but it was pretty easy to get what I was looking for.  I layered it with some muslin and wool batting and quilted it on my domestic machine.

IMG_4253All of my doxie fabrics were in one spot (do you believe in miracles?) so it was pretty easy to cut those pieces out.  I did some excavating, which resulted in a studio disaster area, but I finally found my zippers, including my jelly bead zippers.  (I found mine on Etsy.)  I did not find the interfacing I was sure I had, of course.

IMG_4254So, after some frantic preparations Saturday morning, I was off to Joann Fabrics to buy a whole damn bolt of Pellon Shapeflex 101.  I live for those 50% off coupons.  I won’t be running out again for a while.

I rolled into the meeting only 10 minutes late, and we got down to business.  We had so much fun.  I tried to race with Sherre, who is a sewing machine disguised as a human person.  Somehow she made two bags in the same time that I made one.  I won’t be offering to race Sherre again.  I learn every day.

Eileen was a fantastic teacher.  She managed everyone going at different speeds, and helped make sure everyone left with an awesome bag.  This bag is very complicated, and different than anything I have made before.  I’ve done zippers a few times, but not like this.  I’m very happy with my finished project.  I’ll be making another bag soon.

IMG_4251Fun fact – my bolt of interfacing was where I thought it was.  Unfortunately, the drawer got a little too full and it popped behind the drawer.  I found it the next day.  Now I have two bolts.  T-shirt quilts, anyone?


12 thoughts on “Sew Together Bag

  1. What a great bag. Who knew there were so many dachshund fabrics? Did you know that after you put in a picture, if you use this simple html on the line after your picture, it will give a space between the picture and the start of your words? & n b s p ; but there should be no spaces, of course! At least, it works everywhere I have ever blogged! =)


  2. Excellent job on the bag! I’m still afraid to tackle making one. Your little doxie is perfect. I love the way paper piecing comes out.

    My guild is doing a sew night on my birthday, but the kids made plans for me, so I won’t be sewing. It’s nice having (mostly) grown kids!


      1. Mine are 21 and 31. It’s hard for me to believe I was only 21 when the first one was born. Especially when I still hear, “Mom! He’s touching me!”


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