Washi Tape Quilting

I like to collect washi tape.  I use it, too, although not with scrap booking or journaling.  Occasionally a piece makes it into my planner, but I don't usually bother with that.  No, I collect it, and sometimes go through my collection and pet it.  It's so cute.  Once in a blue moon my son … Continue reading Washi Tape Quilting

Long Time in Blue

I have finally finished my Long Time Gone quilt.  (Pattern by Jen Kingwell.)  I do so enjoy the sew alongs with Gnome Angel, but now that I'm getting busier with client work it is more of a challenge to keep up. This pattern was quite a test, but my skills have been steadily improving over … Continue reading Long Time in Blue

Boris Bear

Meet Boris, Bjorn Bear's cousin from a colder climate.  He's wearing fur, because a silly rainbow bear would freeze his tail off.  This is the Bjorn Bear pattern from Elizabeth Hartman, one of my favorite designers.  You do have to buy a printed pattern for this one - it isn't a quick download from her … Continue reading Boris Bear

Client Quilts – June, July

I have been happily taking in client tops for quilting these last few months.  I am really enjoying the challenge of enhancing the piecer's vision. There has been a big difference in how I feel about quilting since I took my class last month.  I feel a lot more confident in my design abilities, and … Continue reading Client Quilts – June, July