Mystical Quilting

Last week I had the opportunity to take four classes with Jamie Wallen.  This is very unusual for me - I took two whole days away from my family and spent it doing something for myself.  The Mom Guilt ended about a minute after I sat down in class. A little backstory - I have … Continue reading Mystical Quilting

Bjorn Bear

I've been a bad blogger, but a good quilter lately, I promise. Olde City Quilts had me make another sample - this is Bjorn Bear, by Elizabeth Hartman.  I do love her patterns. This came together easily - I've finally learned to cut and label my pieces, not cut and stack them and hope I … Continue reading Bjorn Bear

Quilt Guilds

I have been quilting since the year 2000.  In all that time, I have never joined a quilting guild.  I had heard of them, but a combination of social anxiety and mom duties kept me from adventuring out.  I feel super uncomfortable in a group of new people.  The fact that all of the quilters … Continue reading Quilt Guilds

Bento Box

This project is another shop sample for Olde City Quilts, in Burlington, NJ.  The pattern is Bento Box by Tracey Brookshier. Judy selected a Moda Marbles Jellyroll and a tiny paw print fabric called Crafty Cats Paws by Makower.  (When I saw that rainbow jelly roll I practically danced out of the store.) The pattern is … Continue reading Bento Box