Longarm Quilting Sale

I have been practicing with Darla, getting my courage up to offer my quilting services.  I’ve done a few charity quilt tops, some practice pieces, two t-shirt quilts, a bunch of baby quilts (and sold two!), and I think I’m ready to offer my services to the public.

My friend Jan, at Color, Creating, and Quilting has given me some much needed encouragement to finally get out there.  Quilty friends are the best.  Pretty soon she’s going to let me quilt a top for her.

Because I’m brand new at this, I want to offer to do my first 10 customer quilts at a special rate.  I will do anything up to a queen sized quilt for $50.  A king size quilt will cost $75.

You can check out my regular rates on my longarm services page.

This is a quilt I quilted for our local Quilts of Valor group.  I should have just done a pantograph to be fast, but I couldn’t resist doing custom work on this one.  My feather isn’t too bad!

This is one I did for the Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild (I’m a new member).  It was donated to the guild and will be given as part of a project to help families that lost their homes in a recent local apartment building fire.  This one was custom quilting, too.


12 thoughts on “Longarm Quilting Sale

  1. Got your name from Janice Hilton. I have a queen sized quilt that is basted can we make arrangements for your $50 practice special ? tvonzalez @ gmail.com


  2. I would love to “Guinea pig” a practice quilt top for you. Please let me know if I can get in on this. I look forward to seeing your work up close.


  3. Your feathers are lovely! I think you’ll do well in this business. If I had a top ready to go, I’d send it to you! By the time I do, I’ll have to pay full price, LOL.


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