Blue Burst – Finally Finished!

As I had hoped, owning a longarm means my WIP (Work In Progress) pile is shrinking.  I’ve been sorting through the bins in my closet, pulling out baby quilt panels to practice on.  After 3, I decided it was time to do a larger piece.

This is a pattern from Rob Appel at Man Sewing.  I did this using his method of creating my own template.  I am not good at creating my own templates, so my points do not match up as they should.  No worries – I have his acrylic template in my hot little hands now.  My points will be good little soldiers next time.

IMG_3053Here is the finished quilt.  I quilted it freehand.  I had intended to use a ruler to make straight lines in the blue sections, but I tried and it was hard.  That technique needs more practice, and I didn’t feel like going slowly.  I like the way it turned out, especially that it is finished.

IMG_3054Quilting close up

IMG_3055I used a cotton blend batting from Fairfield.  The backing is a few pieces from my stash.

It finished around 60″ square.  I measured, but neglected to write it down before giving it away.  Bad blogger.

This quilt has been donated to the New Jersey Modern Quilt Guild and will be given to someone who lost their home in a recent fire in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

I’m linking up with Jen at The Inquiring Quilter for her Wednesday Wait Loss linky party. Thanks for hosting, Jen!

6F115E37-ABFE-4C41-82BD-23ACC02B2FDEAnd here is a photo of Oscar, helping me put on the binding.

Linking up to Main Crush Monday with Cooking Up Quilts.

17 thoughts on “Blue Burst – Finally Finished!

  1. This looks great Jen and the FMQ is good!! I found rulerwork really hard and initially thought I would never do it – over time I have been drawn in to it and now quite like it. As you say it does slow you down and it does take practice – I’m sure it will come to you!


  2. Beautiful! I love the fabrics you used (love blue & white)! BTW, if you go back and look at Rob’s quilt, his points don’t line up either; I think that is part of the interest of this quilt; part of what I liked about your pattern. And of course, add a warm and adorable photo of a dog and I’m hooked!


    1. Thanks! I noticed that on Rob’s quilt. It drives me crazy! I’m an unhealthy perfectionist struggling to let it go. It isn’t working.

      I need to keep working on relaxing, but I’m really more comfortable tense.


  3. Your Blue Burst is phenomenal! I love the colors and the way they make the quilt move! When the quilt is done, the points always match well enough, don’t you think?


  4. Oscar is such a helpful doggie! Love that photo. Also love how quickly your quilting is coming along. I’d love to own a longarm but alas, no room and no money. This pattern is wonderful and I just adore your color choices! That family will be so warmed by your generosity and it sounds like they could use the warm hug you’ll be providing. Thanks for linking up!


  5. Look at that cute little Oscar! 🙂 Your quilt turned out lovely! You must be having a lot of fun with that new longarm!


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