Introducing Darla

After my recent class using a longarm machine, I went home and told my husband how positive the experience had been.  I also shared how I felt I could actually run a successful business out of the home if I had my very own longarm.  His response?  “Get one.”  Huh.  I spent the next week talking about it with him, testing to be certain he was serious.

On Wednesday we drove down to Olde City Quilts.  They are an Innova dealer, and sometimes have used machines available for sale.  I was just going on a research mission.  To my surprise, they had a used Gammill Classic 26″ machine on a 12′ frame that was in my budget.  I tried it out, talked with the shop owner, discussed with my husband, and pulled the trigger.

IMG_2871Since I bought a machine that requires a footprint larger than my current studio, it was decided that I should take over the guest room.  Guests now get a cozy room off of the living room.  (I wanted a tidy studio photo, but that isn’t going to happen any time in the immediate future.  I’m a piler.)

IMG_2942Here is a photo of my new toy tool.  Isn’t she glorious?  I feel so powerful with this monster.  I am now out of the “crawling around on the floor to baste my quilts” game.  Woo hoo!

And a close up.  So machine-y.

I’ve already quilted three different baby quilts.  (One has sold already!)  I am learning about adjusting tension, not crossing over threads, and proper threading of the machine.  I’ve been watching youtube videos about loading, and I will be taking some classes to learn new patterns and control.

In the coming weeks I will be adding a page of available services and starting up my quilting business.  I am very excited.  I suspect I will start by offering basting of quilts, and simple meandering of tops, although my first pantograph experiment went very well.


And as a special treat, for reading all of my babbling, here is a picture of my amazing husband. This is actually a candid shot.  I was playing with my pantograph on the back of the machine, and he came in to investigate.  I believe he was threatening to push the red button.  Isn’t he the cutest?

16 thoughts on “Introducing Darla

  1. That looks like so much fun. Today, I got to try out the new longarm for my quilting group in my AZ village. It’s a 26″ Gammill too on a 12′ frame that is adjustable with hydraulics. I’ll be trained in next Sunday on it and then be able to teach others to use it soon after. Next best thing to having it in my home. Congratulations on your big purchase. Sew exciting for you!!!


  2. Congratulations….I’ve only had a longarm for a short while myself…and I LOVE IT!!! Thank God for youtube—my closest dealer is 3 hours away so I’m trying to learn as much about maintenance as I can. Isn’t longarm quilting a hoot? I used to be a hand-quilting snob then realized I’d never get everything quilted I wanted to…just not enough time. So I started learning to quilt on my home sewing machine—and was just as hooked as I was when I first started quilting. It wasn’t long before the longarm “bug” hit me and I wanted to try that. Now I try to quilt a bit each day….it’s amazing how practice brings quick improvement. Good luck with your business venture—just remember to have fun. Blessings….


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