What’s the Rush?

Here is my tip for the week:  Don’t forget to take joy in the making.


Don’t focus only on finishes in your craft.  Find a huge, overwhelming project that gives you chills, and start it.  Work on it slowly – a few minutes a day, or even an hour per week.  Don’t stress out on planning, and don’t set a timeline.  Let the project grow slowly and tell you what it needs.

Let a large, slow project be a meditation.  I like to use hand work for this – I’m currently making La Passion, by Grit Kovacs.  I’ve been working on it since late 2013, and I probably have a few more years left.  Every time I pull it out now, I am stunned at how large it has gotten.

If you are interested in epic English paper piecing projects, check out Willyne Hammerstein’s La Passacaglia (or anything by Willyne), Katja Marek‘s Millefiori, or the EPP version of Dear Jane.  They are all long term handwork time investments.

Here is a slideshow of my La Passion as it evolves.  I’ve lived in 3 different houses since I began it, so the photo quality really varies as light and space availability change.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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10 thoughts on “What’s the Rush?

  1. Gorgeous, when I saw Oscar on it I thought that meant it was finished finally and then I read you had a few more years to go! I can’t wait until it’s finished and hanging in the Fair for the whole world to see!


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