Quilter’s Laundry Day & Giveaway!

This is a project I completed for Jen & Jan’s Blog Hop.  Having quilting and blogging buddies who put these programs together is great.

IMG_2828Jen, from A Dream and a Stitch designed this awesome mini, combining a house block with a mini quilt block.  It reminded me of my grandma’s  house on the beach, so that inspired my color choices.

*A little bit of backstory.  My grandma was 43 when I was born.  Obviously, too young to be a grandma, so I called her Honey.  I am 43 today, and I can totally feel her on this topic.

Honey’s house was blue with a red door, and she had a bay window in the front.  So, I had to do a little bit of re-drafting of the pattern for my window placement.  The upstairs windows were moved, too, as I’m a bit uptight.

IMG_2803Here is my fabric pull.  I ended up switching out the yellow with a light blue for the windows.  I found this red fabric with a yellow polka dot in a good size, and fussy cut it to make my door.

The top went together quilt easily, although I didn’t do a good job matching up the path that leads to the front door.  I did notice it before quilting, and I had every intention of fixing it, but I forgot.  So, we’re going to say the house has settled a bit over the years.  It is an old house.

The mini mini quilt had me terribly excited.  For the actual top I used a tiny pineapple block, stolen from my Jen Kingwell project that starts next week.  It works well here, and I like the colors.

I had these tiny clothespins laying about in my studio.  I’ve had them for years, and I’m not certain where they came from anymore.  I’m happy to say that they now have a home.  I embroidered a clotheslines across the posts, using the Hungarian braided chain stitch.  I followed Mary Corbet’s tutorial on Youtube.  If you type “Hungarian braided chain stitch” into Google, her video is the first hit.  I had planned to hook the clothespins into that, but it is too tight, so they are tacked on with stitches through the loops.

IMG_2832For my backing I used an old Laurel Burch cat print I had on my shelf.  (Honey was a cat person.)

IMG_2830I did a few different quilting methods on this project.  I’m most proud of the “molar” feather I did on the front door.  After the class I took last week I’m infatuated with feathers.

Since a real quilter lives in this house, there is another quilt to hang on the line.  This one is what initially got me so worked up.  I have these itty bitty 1″ triangle templates I purchased many years ago.  I don’t know what my thought process during purchase was, but they have been languishing in my EPP desk for years.  Now they are all happy, because they got to play with my Alison Glass scrap bin and make a lovely tiny rainbow quilt.  I prepped the bits before going on vacation, and hand stitched them during our recent trip to Aruba.  1″ triangles are overly fussy.  They make me doubt the wisdom of the 1/4″ hexagons I bought last month.

This mini is backed in a Heather Ross lawn, so it was easy to work with.  I thought about doing a real binding and using batting, but I don’t have enough Xanax to get me through that.  Instead I just layered the top and the back, then stitched around the outside, and turned it right side out.  I did do some quilting, because I couldn’t resist.  I love how it turned out.

IMG_2821I tried to do an invisible join on my binding for this one.  I’ve done it before for larger quilts.  For some reason it is quite challenging for me.  Something with that spatial relationship eludes me.  I tried it twice before giving up and going with a regular binding.  So, you can see the end, but if you bug me about it I’ll be sad, so don’t.  I tried glue basting to attach the binding to the back, and it worked well enough.  I’m not sure that it is a better technique than pins for me.  It was a little fussy, and I got glue on my shirt.  For a larger quilt it might be harder, although maybe with practice I will get better.

Both Jen at A Dream and a Stitch and Jan at Color Creating & Quilting are hosting giveaway’s during this hop.  Be sure to check out their blogs to enter.

IMG_2844I will be giving away a copy of The Quilter Planner Mini.  I recently won two, so I’m going to spread the love.  I’ll also include two fat quarters of some beautiful green fabrics, in case you are wanting to get your greenery on this year.  There may be some other planner related goodies, too, if I can get to the store.  To enter, leave a comment on this post.  I will use a random number generator to select a winner.  Winner will be announced on March 18th.

**Giveaway is now closed.  **

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72 thoughts on “Quilter’s Laundry Day & Giveaway!

  1. I enjoyed reading about your process in making this delightful quilt. The quilt within the quilt is beautiful, definitely worth the time you put into it! And the door is inspired! I love your creation. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. I absolutely LOVE the Laurel Burch fabric!! Wish they’d produce more! Makes your mini so special!
    lstangl482 at aol dot com


  3. WoW! You did an amazing job! Love your mini! I saw your post on IG and wanted to read about your making of this on your blog. You had me giggling all the way through ;-D

    So glad I found you on IG and now I can follow your blog as well. Glad I’m not too far behind on the hop.

    Thanks for a chance to win!

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com


  4. Such a sweet mini especially with the clothespins to change out the quilts in the yard! I love the hexies and the added texture. Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Love the story about your Grandmothers House!! the quilts on the line are Awesome!! & whole quilt is Gorgeous!

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 🙂


  6. It’s so much fun to have a backstory with a quilt and the fact that your story is true makes it extra special. I am constantly astounded at all the different ways all the quilters have made these quilts their own. For yours, I love it that you can hang another quilt over the one that is pieced in. They give the quilt two really distinct looks. I can’t imagine doing EPP with those tiny triangles.


  7. Your quilt is lovely (fantastically quilted!) and I enjoyed hearing the story behind it, as well as your process of making it. I think quilting is such a great hobby because we can each make things that reflect our personalities and life experiences. Or if we want, we can just cut up fabric and sew it back together for fun and to make something beautiful.


  8. I like the story of your grandmother. I love the neighborhood you have got started. Your mini mini quilts are wonderful


  9. I’ve had a good hop experience visiting several blogs I’ve never been too. Yours is one. I first saw the pineapple block quilt, and noticed how well the blue contrasted with your gold walk. But the little add on triangle quilt looked even better than the first! Great work with your color choices, and thanks for joining in.


  10. Thank you so much for giving us the back story. I think that always makes quilts more meaningful. You did a lovely job with the house and those mini quilts (and the rest, of course). I really adore the pineapple one. Is the dotted fabric in your giveaway actually a color guide to some fabric? I’d both love and hate to cut into that one!


  11. What a wonderful quilt mini and story. I love that you can change out the quilts on the line. Do you plan on making other quilts to hang there? Thanks for the eye candy.


  12. When I saw that little quilt on Instagram I knew this was going to be a very unique mini from you! I was right! I SUPER enjoyed reading the story behind the inspiration and the process details of making it. WONDERFUL POST! I really enjoyed reading it. (Not to mention those adorable pineapple and triangle quilts on the line)


  13. I love this! And so neat that you altered the pattern to look like Honey’s house. I especially love pebbled print for the walkway.


  14. I think you should get some kind of award for working with those little triangles. The mini quilt came out so nice. And I love the back story to “Honey’s House”.


  15. This is fantastic! I love it because I had a Grandma Honey too! 🙂 Though, she wasn’t a quilter. I also love it because it is very pretty and such lovely detail. The feather on the door is so sweet. Thanks for joining us!


  16. Jennifer, your mini is wonderful, and a beautiful tribute to Honey. All the touches are perfect, from the two mini quilts to the cat fabric on the back. i can tell that a lot of love went into this. You should be so proud.


  17. Where to start! What a wonderful house filled with ‘Honey’ memories! Your quilts are both crazy…crazy good! The triangle quilt is so good! I love that you have different quilts to hang on the line. Well done!


  18. I’m so enjoying the differences in these blocks-I love your humor in explaining your story and your happy memories of your grandmother’s house, after all what is life without our memories? Thank you, Susan


  19. I love this Jennifer! Not only is the quilt adorable, the story of Honey….even your selection of the backing had purpose. Maybe one day I will attempt hand embroidery as yours is beautiful! Enjoy your blog hop. Pam @Sewcrazi


  20. There is so much to like on this mini. The sky is lovely, it looks like the morning sky on a lovely day with hints of colour showing (although we say red sky at night shepherds delight, red sky in the morning shepherds warning, so the day may turn out quite stormy later on). I like the door fabric too, the way you fussy cut it it looks like a door with a window inset. The quilting on the path makes it look like sandstone paving slabs and I haven’t even mentioned those wonderful quilts, you get two for one, brilliant. I love the way you related it to Honey and used the cat fabric for the backing, I really like the backing.


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