Introducing Darla

After my recent class using a longarm machine, I went home and told my husband how positive the experience had been.  I also shared how I felt I could actually run a successful business out of the home if I had my very own longarm.  His response?  "Get one."  Huh.  I spent the next week … Continue reading Introducing Darla

What’s the Rush?

Here is my tip for the week:  Don't forget to take joy in the making.   Don't focus only on finishes in your craft.  Find a huge, overwhelming project that gives you chills, and start it.  Work on it slowly - a few minutes a day, or even an hour per week.  Don't stress out … Continue reading What’s the Rush?

Long Time Gone – Week 2

I am participating in the Long Time Gone sew along, hosted by Angie at Gnome Angel.  We are making Jen Kingwell's pattern. This week we made a block called "Square in a Square Stars".  It was challenging, and generated 60 tiny HST units for me.  I was excited. Here is the main block.  I used … Continue reading Long Time Gone – Week 2

Long Time Gone – Week 1

I am joining Angie, from GnomeAngel in yet another stitch along.  Because two at a time isn't enough.  (The others are 52 Weeks with the Quilter's Planner and the Garden Snails Slow Along.) This time we are making Long Time Gone, by Jen Kingwell.  Jen's samplers are very vibrant and busy, and they haven't really appealed … Continue reading Long Time Gone – Week 1

Quilter’s Laundry Day & Giveaway!

This is a project I completed for Jen & Jan's Blog Hop.  Having quilting and blogging buddies who put these programs together is great. Jen, from A Dream and a Stitch designed this awesome mini, combining a house block with a mini quilt block.  It reminded me of my grandma's  house on the beach, so that inspired … Continue reading Quilter’s Laundry Day & Giveaway!

Long Arm Quilting

On Friday I attended a class a the New Jersey Quilt & Sewing Festival with Barbara Persing.  I learned how to free motion quilt feathers on an Innova long arm quilting machine.  It was awesome. This was the first time I have taken a class on a long arm machine.  I had previously used one at … Continue reading Long Arm Quilting