Slowly I Crept…

This is another weekly project I’m participating in.  Every Sunday I post a new snail block for Angie at Gnome Angel’s Snail Paced Sew Along.  The pattern is from Pen and Paper Patterns.  It is easy and cute, and look at that big space open for fussy cutting.

So far I’ve managed to make a snail every week.  I even had a request for a baby quilt for a mama who likes the beach.  I hope she likes snails, because I see a snail baby quilt in her future.


I’ve been lining the blocks up along the top of my design wall to keep them visible, but not in the way.  My oldest son, mostly away at college, says it is alarming to see me march into the studio with my step stool.  Apparently climbing moms can only lead to trouble.  Since he has reached heights far beyond my 5’0″, he gets to put the snails up when he is home now.  That will teach him to be a wise ass.

I’ve been primarily using a Hey Dot layer cake from Moda.  I did do a bit of shopping and find fabrics with snails in them, because I have ZERO self control.  Does the fact that I don’t want to control myself mean I do have self control?  It’s a question for the ages.  At any rate, I will stop buying fabric when I’m cold and dead, unless I join a subscription club without telling my husband.  Wouldn’t that be a great joke?

My friend Ellie is a nature lover, and she suggested the snail bodies be shiny.  I love it.  So, I’m scrounging through my stash to find metallic or frosted fabrics in earth tones for the bodies.  The first piece I found is a batik fat quarter with some gold foil stripes.  It is lasting a lot longer than I expected it too.  The background is just plain old Kona Snow (I think).


3 thoughts on “Slowly I Crept…

  1. My hubby laughed out loud when I read him the part about buying fabric till you’re old and dead, unless you get a fabric subscription….then he said, “I wouldn’t put it past you!” 🙂 I’ll try to keep up!!

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