Slowly I Crept…

This is another weekly project I'm participating in.  Every Sunday I post a new snail block for Angie at Gnome Angel's Snail Paced Sew Along.  The pattern is from Pen and Paper Patterns.  It is easy and cute, and look at that big space open for fussy cutting. So far I've managed to make a … Continue reading Slowly I Crept…

The Once Upon a Time Swap

I recently participated in a swap hosted by Amista Baker, of Hilltop Custom Designs.  This was the first swap I have participated in since 2000.  (That was a signed block swap.  I still have a pile of blocks with signatures in a bin somewhere.) Amista is incredibly organized.  In the past I had seen her … Continue reading The Once Upon a Time Swap

Quilt and Sewing Fest of NJ

I am sitting here beside myself.  On a lark, I decided to enter two of my quilts into the upcoming Quilt and Sewing Fest of NJ.  I dithered, as I do, for several weeks over which quilts to enter, or if I should enter at all.  I was finally pushed over the edge by my … Continue reading Quilt and Sewing Fest of NJ

52 Weeks with The Quilter’s Planner – 6

Whoops!  I guess I missed a few updates.  I am current on my weekly challenge, so I have 6 completed blocks thus far. I'm using Alison Glass fabrics, and the patterns are from my Quilter's Planner.  They are all different techniques, and sometimes I forget to reset my seam allowance to make it a scant … Continue reading 52 Weeks with The Quilter’s Planner – 6

Muggamo for February

My friend Jen at Patterns by Jen is offering a series of free patterns for mug rugs.  She is calling her series Muggamo (for Mug Rug A Month).  They are very cute. I decided to make the February version.  I used some of my "Hey Dot" layer cake. It has some nice colors for Valentines … Continue reading Muggamo for February

Moravian Star – Alison Glass Version I decided last minute to spend a few days with my Mom this past week.  Before leaving, before packing my clothes, I rummaged through my EPP desk and found a pack of 2" diamond templates.  I quickly cut out 60 different diamonds of AG fabrics and put them in a baggie, along with a … Continue reading Moravian Star – Alison Glass Version