The Eastern States Exposition

My husband was kind enough to take me up to the Eastern States Exposition, or the Big E, as it is informally known.  He was hankering for some fair food, and I was eager to see my quilts displayed with all of the others.

I submitted three, and all three were awarded ribbons.

dscn0341That’s No Moon won a first place ribbon and a judge’s choice ribbon.  The judge’s choice made me laugh – they decided it was an abstract motif.  I guess the worlds of science fiction and quilting don’t meet as often as I had imagined.  Either way, I’m happy to accept the gift card that came with the ribbon.  Thank you, Fabric Place Basement of Natick, MA for sponsoring a prize.  The judge’s comments suggested I be more precise with my binding corners, and that I be more careful with my raw edge appliqué to avoid puckering.  They also noted my circle is not quite perfect.

dscn0342Denim Mondrian won a first place ribbon and a judge’s choice award as well.  This was for the best pieced quilt using non-traditional fabric.  This one surprised me – I’m pleased they were able to see past the dirty spots on the denim.  I was not given any critical feedback on this one.  Again, thank you to Fabric Place Basement for sponsoring a prize.

dscn0339My Rainbow Mosaic took home a third place ribbon.  This one isn’t my best technique, so I’m not surprised at how much room for improvement there is.

dscn0385Here they are at my own private quilt show, along with my questionable gardening attempts and my quilting inspectors.

I am very pleased with the results this year.  I will admit, I feel a little cocky about my Death Star quilt.  I think it is one of the best quilts I have ever made, especially since I made my own pattern.  I am very happy with the criticism I received – I am ready to hear the things I need to improve to take my quilts to the next level.

Now I just need to decide if I should suss out more quilt shows to send That’s No Moon to, or finally let my son have it on his bedroom wall, where it belongs.

4 thoughts on “The Eastern States Exposition

  1. Congratulations on the ribbons and prizes. I think all three of them look great and especialy like “That’s No Moon”. Enjoy the fabric or whatever you get with your gift cards.


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