Pablo’s Hooters

There I was, innocently working away on my Stash Builder Box charity blocks for the month.  Art Gallery Fabric's Nightfall collection is awesome - I really like the four pieces I received.  I decided to stretch the rules a bit, and use a grey print that reads mostly solid.  Solids are not really my thing, … Continue reading Pablo’s Hooters

Snowflake Shimmer – Finished!

Three days of burying thread tails and it is now time for the washing machine.  I will reconsider echo quilting with my walking foot next time - I opted to break stitching lines here and there to minimize turning the quilt, and ended up with billions of thread tails to knot off and bury.  It … Continue reading Snowflake Shimmer – Finished!

Pumpkin Spice

A few weeks ago Jedi Craft Girl's Halloween Disappearing Nine Patch came across my Facebook feed.  I'm fairly busy with other projects right now (Snowflake Shimmer, Scrappy Appliqué Skyline, 100Days100Blocks), so that means it is the perfect time to whip together a fast and easy quilt. I went to my scrap bins and pulled out several … Continue reading Pumpkin Spice

The Eastern States Exposition

My husband was kind enough to take me up to the Eastern States Exposition, or the Big E, as it is informally known.  He was hankering for some fair food, and I was eager to see my quilts displayed with all of the others. I submitted three, and all three were awarded ribbons. That's No … Continue reading The Eastern States Exposition

Snowflake Shimmer – Almost done

I had really wanted to have my quilt completed by the October 7th deadline, but alas, it is not to be.  I have done the majority of the background quilting.  I love how the echo quilting is making really interesting shapes.  I am a little disgruntled with how long it takes to wrestle this bad … Continue reading Snowflake Shimmer – Almost done

Oh, We’re Halfway There….

Sorry.  I live in New Jersey now.  Bon Jovi is a local sport here. Today is day 50 of the #100Days100Blocks challenge hosted by Angie at GnomeAngel.  I am having so much fun with these little blocks.  Working on just one at a time gives the opportunity to really think about fabric use in each … Continue reading Oh, We’re Halfway There….