#100Days100Blocks – Part II

I have finished my first 24 blocks, only 76 to go!  I’m actually up to date as of today, with no blocks prepared ahead of time.  I try to do them one day ahead, because I cannot handle the stress of not having it finished at night and rushing to throw something together.

IMG_1633.JPGThis project is so much fun.  Getting feedback on my blocks on Instagram, and seeing other’s blocks is amazing.  My favorite part is seeing others who use the same fabric as me in different ways.

Lessons learned so far on this project:

  • Pressing seams open makes blocks flatter and leads to better photos.  I’ve been a reluctant open seams presser – it is harder, and I burn my fingers.
  • Fussy cutting is fun.  Isolating images is a lot different from getting patterns to match up across seams.
  • I am a fabric glutton.  I have more Tula Pink fabric than I need to complete this quilt, and probably five others, but I still have the urge to purchase ones that I see others use.
  • Staging the photos is fun, but I have to have my block done early to manage that.  Otherwise I get shadowy night time photos.

And here they are – the second 12 blocks.

Block 13:img_1480

Block 14:img_1486

Block 15:img_1510

Block 16:img_1518

Block 17:img_1520

Block 18:img_1539

Block 19:img_1554

Block 20:img_1585

Block 21:img_1595

Block 22:img_1597

Block 23:img_1600

Block 24:img_1632

There are hundreds of other people participating in this challenge on Instagram.  Check out the #100Days100Blocks hashtag on Instagram.  It is so cool to see all of the different fabrics in the same blocks.

3 thoughts on “#100Days100Blocks – Part II

  1. Your blocks are great. Well sewn, pretty and staged so cutely. I want the doxxy. A little imagination makes everything shine. I especially love your little Amish couple block. The only issue I have with Instagram is that there are so many pics I cannot see them all….so keep on posting here in case I miss yours on IG.


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