Snowflake Shimmer – Top done!

What originally looked like just a few hours of piecing ended taking me several days.  For some reason, life just declines to cooperate with my plans.

My sons were kind enough to stand on the patio wall so I could get a photo of the entire top.  I love how the color changes with the sunlight.  We could use a little work on our technique, but I am happy they were willing to help at all.  I wonder if my husband would notice if I installed some eye bolts and pulleys on the side of the house.

I was really meticulous putting this top together – I pinned a lot more than usual, and picked out a few seams where my corners weren’t close enough to perfect for me.  The result is that they all look crooked, and I can’t tell if it is the quilt or me.

IMG_1527Sometimes I find it very hard to set a project aside while I’m fired up, but this project is teaching me to slow down.  I feel great satisfaction with just achieving the task assigned by Yvonne, snapping some photos, and folding it and putting it away.  It is now sitting quietly in its drawer, waiting patiently to be basted and quilted.

It gives my two other machine projects a chance to advance as well, rather than the usual stack of blocks shoved into a box in the closet and forgotten for years.

I sincerely hope Yvonne has some awesome basting suggestions.  My usual technique is pin basting on the floor.  That was fine in my 20’s, but it is getting harder and harder.  I’m not sure how much my family enjoys me spending a day with my butt up in the air in the living room.

9 thoughts on “Snowflake Shimmer – Top done!

  1. Yay for a quilt top finish! It looks great! I’ve a bit of trouble getting some of the points to line up, but overall, I think it’s not that noticeable so I’m moving forward and sewing on.


  2. Reading through your blog made me smile as your thoughts in making this quilt are complete parallels to mine. I think your quilt looks amazing. The matching points and corners came up alot with my quilt as well. Good is good enough didn’t feel “good” to me so I redid many, but several remained super close enough. Thanks for a great and honest perspective. Very beautiful!


  3. There is no way I could baste my quilt on the floor. My quilting group uses a large double table (two 6′ tables put together). However, I have a folding table from the hardware store which is 6′ long and about 3′ wide which I use. One of the Craftsy classes by either Ann Peterson or Cindy Needham shows how to use this table and it works great. Basically you start from the centre – using clips and/or masking tape to secure all the layers in position, and when that is finished move onto another part and repeat all the steps. Don’t know if that makes sense, but it certainly is easier. I also put 4×4″ blocks of wood under the feet to bring the height up a bit.


  4. Basting ideas, hmmm? Thanks for the tip. I think I might have a link to a solution that might work. The quilt top looks great to me. I think that the angles sloping away from the points makes it feel like things are off, but it looks just like mine (which I am thrilled with, haha). 🙂


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